This is agent manuscript .... Abraham point of view his time with YHWH.

"The Apocalypse of Abraham belongs to a body of Abraham literature flourishing about the time of Christ. "The Book is essentially Jewish," wrote George H. Box, with "features . . . which suggest Essene origin." From the Essenes it passed, he suggested, "to Ebionite circles . . . and thence, in some form, found its way into Gnostic circles," though "Gnostic elements in our Book are not very pronounced." --Dr. Hugh Nibley (Abraham in Egypt) 

This apocalypse, written in the name of Abraham, tells how the patriarch's experience with pagan idols led him to seek the true YHWH. YHWH, the Creator, answers Abraham in the form of fire. YHWH tells him to go to Mount Horeb and offer sacrifices to YHWH. Abraham obeys and receives a vision, including a revelation of the Covenant, the destruction of the Temple, and the struggles the Jews will endure. Ten plagues will test humanity, but YHWH will prevail over evil and the promised Messiah will appear and lead YHWH'S chosen people to everlasting peace and rejoicing.

Its title does not fully explain its contents, for about one-third of it might more appropriately be called The Legend of Abraham, as this contains an account of Abraham's conversion frompolytheism to henotheism quite apart from the apocalypse which follows. The work is notable for its presentation of Judaism and non-Judaism as being diametrically opposed, and its strongiconoclasm.

Apocalypse Of Abraham