Well, Milton Bradley's got a def one
It's a Twister! (Twister! Twister! Twister!)
Yeah, all the girls and homeboys
Playin' Twister! (Twister! Twister! Twister!)
Spin the spinner and call the shot
Twister ties you up in a knot
That's Twister
Yeah, Twister!

Check it!
Right foot blue! (Right foot blue!)
Left hand red! (Left hand red!)
Left! Right! Yellow! Blue! Green!
Yeah, Twister!

Now, everybody's chillin'
With the Twister (Twister!)
Wherever things are illin'
You'll find Twister! (Twister! Twister!)
That's Twister
Yeah, Twister!

Yeah buddy!
You gotta get it
Yeah Twister!
From M.B.!