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Concert Review: Hershey, PA- August 8, 1999

This was my second Weird Al Experience, and it was just as impressive as the first. My mom and I (yeah, my mom's still driving me to concerts, and I'm 17...) got to the park at about 11:00 AM. The first show was to start at 3:00 PM. I immediately got in line...once I actually was able to find the amphitheatre- Darn theme parks! At first, my mom and I went to the back entrance of the amphitheatre, where no one was in line except for us. One could see everything that was going on on the stage, but it was lonely up there. I spotted TeraD72 at the lower entrance and decided to go down there to wait in line and mingle. (Sorry for leaving you up there, Mom!) It took me 15 minutes to find my way around to that entrance....

I finally got down there and greeted everyone- Such a friendly crowd. I met "Fred" Denise Olderr, owner of the "Coat of Many Covers"; Dave "Elvis" Rossi, of ankle art fame; and a lot of other nice human beings. We all stood in line and shared pictures and such- That made the time pass a lot more quickly. Listening to the sound check and poking fun at the techs was also fun. (Tech: " two..." Us: "THREE! TWENTY-SEVEN!")

At about 2:30 PM or so, we were allowed to enter the amphitheatre. We all scrambled to the front row. I plopped down beside Tera, front row- dead center! Woowoo! It doesn't get any better than that, folks. We all waited anxiously for the show to start. I made fun of the people selling refreshments since I had nothing better to do. I'm kind of a fool. After waiting for many minutes, "Fun Zone" began- And everyone starts to cheer. When the amusing opening video clips ended, out came Al and the band in all their glory singing "It's All About The Pentiums". I sang along...well, I yelled every song. It was a good time for all. It was great to hear "Laundry Day" live again, along with two new unreleased parodies: "Fast Food", a parody of Alanis Morissette's "Thank You" (which was hilarious to see, since Al flailed his arms about and generally appeared afflicted to mimic Alanis' body language); and "Free Delivery", a parody of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" (which was also great- Steve got to show off some of his other musical talent on the recorder). During the familiar video clips, everyone yelled right along to them- It was really great to hear about 2000 people scream, "WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' BADGERS!!!"

The show was only an hour long, since the guys had two more to do that day, but it was great! Darth Rubén still got to do his famous "Phantom" solo- Always a riot! That was followed by "The Saga Begins" and the ever popular "Yoda". Everyone sang along with that one. I could just feel the love in that crowd. My only regrets were that "One More Minute" and "Like A Surgeon" had to be cut from the set.

Oh, something that must be said! Al was salivating heavily during that set; when I noticed this, I leaned over and commented to Tera, "We're gonna get spat on!" No sooner than I had said that, I felt something hit my leg.- Al spit! Yes! I was overjoyed. I wiped it off my leg and rubbed it on my cheek (yeah, I know how messed up that sounds); well, at least I think Tera found it amusing...

After the show, Tera and the others with passes had to hurry on to the backstage area. Sadly, I had no pass, but Tera was gracious enough to deliver some art that I'd made for the guys. And for that, I'm very grateful. Thanks, Tera! She told me they seemed pleased, so I'm also happy about that. After the "pass people" left, a whole crowd of us just stood and waited hopefully in front of the stage. We weren't disappointed- Rubén walked out on the stage with a basket of Hershey Kisses and threw them to the crowd. I scrambled and managed to snag two of them. Woowoo! I'm never going to eat those suckers; they're in a ziplock bag on my dresser. As much as I wanted to stay for the other shows, we had to head home. Ah, another great Al day...