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Concert Review: Hershey, PA- July 10, 2000

Dad and I got up early at 8:00A.M. to check out of our room and go search for a camera battery. (The battery in our good camera had died during the show the day before.) We found one at Rite Aid, so we bought it and an extra roll of film. Then we made our way back to Hershey Park.

We got there around 9:45A.M. before the park opened and found Sue, Dave, and Christina at the main gates. Since we noticed a lot of people who were at Al's show the day before at the front of the gates, Dave and Christina were elected to the task of sprinting to the front of the line at the amphitheatre. When the rest of us got up there, Dave and Christina were right up front. Christina told us, "It was all Dave." Way to go, Dave! We only had to wait in line for an hour since the first show started at noon. While we were waiting, I had Dave sign my ankle; he signed "To my darling! Wife #1 Dave Rossi." He signed Sue, Christina, and Jackie too.

When they let us in, we scrambled to the front row center again. I was between Dave and Christina. Tara Lyn and Amy arrived late, but they still got seats near us. The set was the same as the day before, but it was no less exciting! We got snowed on again for "The Night Santa Went Crazy", and I got hit with a bit of the Nirvana water. Rubén was being more silly than usual during "Smells Like Nirvana"- He kept taking pictures of the cheerleaders and making kissy faces at them. It would have been one thing if it had ended with "Smells Like Nirvana", but the cheerleaders kept coming back out and hanging around Rubén! I got some eye contact with Al a couple of times during the show, and Steve was kind enough to pose for pics onstage between songs. After the show, all the gals stood outside the amphitheatre to pose for some "Pentiums" pics with Dave. Sadly, after the "photo-shoot" was through, we had to head home....another great Al trip had come to an end....