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Rutherfordís Farm, July 20, 1864

Principal Commanders: Commanders: Brig. Gen. William W. Averell [US]; Maj. Gen. S.D. Ramseur [CS]

Forces Engaged: Divisions(5,850 total)

Estimated Casualties: 1,100 total

Description: On July 20, Brig. Gen. W.W. Averellís Union division attacked Maj. Gen. S.D. Ramseurís Confederate division at Rutherfordís and Carterís farms. This sudden assault came in on the flank of Hokeís brigade as it was deploying, throwing it into a panic. Ramseur retreated toward Winchester in confusion. Averell captured four pieces of artillery and nearly 300 men. With this defeat, Early withdrew his army south to a defensive position at Fisherís Hill.

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