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The Pender/Scales Brigade
North Carolina Infantry

On the third day of Gettysburg, "When General Lee saw the men of Scale's brigade, bleeding from wounds received on the first day, he said, 'Many of these poor fellows should go to the rear.' When a brigade would fight under such circumstances as Scales's did, it ought not to be robbed of its military fame."
Quote from Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, Vol. III

The Pender/Scales Brigade served for three years in A. P. Hill's Light Division, II Corps, then III Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. This brigade took part in every major campaign fought by the Army of Northern Virginia and distinguished itself throughout. Serving under outstanding commanders such as Major General Dorsey Pender and Brigadier General Alfred Scales, these North Carolinians fought with grit and determination throughtout the entire Civil War.

As a major part of the campaigns of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, these men deserve to be remembered. This page is dedicated to the men of that valorous brigade.

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Regiments in the Brigade

13th NC Infantry Regiment
16th NC Infantry Regiment
22nd NC Infantry Regiment
34th NC Infantry Regiment
38th NC Infantry Regiment

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Major Battles and Campaigns in which regiments form the Brigade Fought

Battle of Seven Pines
Seven Days Campaign around Richmond
Cedar Mountain
Second Manassas
Harpers Ferry
Falling Waters
Mine Run
North Anna River

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