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Confederate Graves at Massanutten Cemetery

This pages is dedicated to all the Confederates Soldiers, both identified and
unidentified who lie in the furtile ground of Shenandoah County.

Massanutten Cemetery is located in Woodstock, Virginia just one block west of the Old Valley Pike. The Cemetery was opend about 1898 and the next year approximately 70 Confederates soldiers who had died during the War were disinterred and reburied in Holly Circle. In October of 1999, Coiner Rosen, a local "wealth of knowledge" and Civil War preservationist sponsored a rededication of the monument placed in Holly Circle by the UDC in 1899. Listed below the photographs of the rededication of the monument in October, 1999, are the names and information about the brave soldiers buried in Holly Circle. The names and information about the men buried in Holly circle are listed in alpebetical order below the photographs.

The names and other information about the soldiers buried in Holly Circle
are listed here.

The first picture is a group of the member of the Strasburg Guard camp of the SCV. Coiner Rosen is seated in the center of the photograph.

Members of the 13th VA Infantry and McNeill's Rangers present at the ceremony.

"The Virtual CSA Purple Heart Award"
Cannon & Flag

images/Purple Heart


Issued to: 70 soldier's, of the Army of Northern Virginia,
who died in the service of the Confederate States of America in and around Woodstock, Virginia.

How To receive this
award, Get your own medal, or Confederate POW medal

visit the "Virtual
CSA Purple Heart Award" Website.

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