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Latest Report


Aug 3rd
Went nine miles straight North out of Geneva. Caught 10. All came on worm harnesses. The best colors were yellow, we also did well on purple and black. Was using large dispy on 1.5 setting from 205-230 ft back. July 5th
Could only fish for 2 hours because of rough water. We managed to get 4. One of the 4 was 31". We went North-West out of Geneva in 60-63ft of water. Used Dispy's with green/silver or green/blue worm harnesses. The fish are there it's just a matter of getting good weather to get em.
June 26th
Fished sat in 69-70 ft of water,we caught 14 eyes and 2 steelies.Caught them on 0 and 1 size dipsys. Ran 0 dipsys on outside set on 3 175-190 ft back, ran 1 disys on the inside 90-105 ft back on 2 setting. 2 30's, 1 29, 2 28's, smallest was 22 inches all hogs. Used Lg. stingers and northern king spoons on the inside and worm harnesses on the outside, silver and chart.spinners and spoons were best.
June 20th
This week thought we would try Geneva. Went about 6 miles northwest. We caught 8 walleyes but nothing to brag about. All the walleyes are up high eating may-fly larva. So use your boards up high with small stinger spoons. The steelhead are hitting great. Landed 4 steelhead while trolling for walleyes.
June 14th
Went up to Lorain again. Did ok. Caught 10 in the morning. Using dispy divers. With worm harness and stinger spoons. The biggest was around 28 inches the average fish was 23 inches. I've been told the walleye are starting to hit at fairport. I should be up there this weekend.
June 6th
Went over to Lorain. We fished in the morning only and landed 16 nice walleyes. 4 over 28 inches. We used dispy diver with worm harnesses or spoons. Even took a couple on long 'A' bombers. The walleyes are coming east and thats great news.
May 21st
Fished the same place as May 20th. Caught 11. Using the same tactics as May 20th.
May 20th
Went to the western basin again. Caught 14. We caught them all around the 'A' can. We used bottom bouncers and weapons. The bast colors were gold, orange and green.
May 7th
Went over to the western basin. Was fishing on tussaint reef. Started fishing at 4:00am had 20 by 7:00am. We fishing in the moring because fish have been shutting down around 8:00. We did the best on vertical jigging in 12-13 feet of water
April 14th
There was 3 of us in my boat. Started fishing at 8:30. We had out limits by 3:00. Doing all the same fish techniques as before.
April 10th-11th
Went to the Western Basin limited out both days. Was fishing on tussaint reef. Again I was vertical jigging spoon in 7ft of water.
April 3rd
Went fishing over to the western basin. Had some luck fishing on tussaint reef. Caught 15 vertical jigging spoons. Average size was about 20 inches. Could see the walleye rolling in 7 ft of water, so they are spawning now.


August 14th-19th
Went on a 7 day trip but only got to fish 5 days. We did really well we caught 96 walleyes. We had 11 Fish Ohio's and 34 over 25 inches. We went East by northeast out of Geneva State Park. The water depth was 68-70ft. Did the best on worm harness. Black with a with a purple stripe we also did ok on silver. The fish have come in to about 6 miles because of recent storms. If you get the chance head on up to Lake Erie. Fishing is geat!!!
August 7th
Caught 5 Walleyes before 10:30 then the lake got flat and the fish turned off. We were out around 18 miles on the 330 line out of Geneva State Park. Did the best on blue long 'A' Bombers. Caught one on the dispy diver with a purple and silver warm harness.
August 1st
Caught 10 nice walleyes from 6:00am till 12:00pm. 4 of the ten was over 25 inches. Went northwest out of Geneva about 17 miles. We did the best on Wireline that was down on the bottom with a long A bomber. We also did good on a blue Spoon. Worm Harnesses had some success off the dipsy 230ft. Our trolling speed was between 1.8 and 2.2mph.
July 16th
Caught 8 walleyes. Two of them were over 29 inches. In 70-74 feet of water using Dipsy Divers and wire line. Doing the same stuff as the July 9th report.
July 9th
Caught 9 walleyes from 20-28 inches using #1 large dipsys. In 70-74 feet of water straight north off of Geneva harbor. Trolling bout 2-2.5 mph. Using worm harnesses did the best on siver/purple and silver/blue 200-220 feet back. Did not do anygood at all on hardbodies. Caught all the fish on the outside lines. Waves were straight out of the north at 1-3 ft.
July 4th
I went out for about 3 hours. Caught 9 walleyes. In 69-72ft of water. I did the best on wire line with Long A bombers. I also did well on Dispy Divers with spoons and worm harnesses. The fish seem to be there all I need is more time to get out.
July 1st
Attempeted to go fishing yesterday, but he lake was like the previous 4 weeks very rough. I was able to fish for an hour but could not get out to the fish. My friends been telling me that the fish are in 68-72 ft of water. The best way to go is dispys or planner boards. Sorry for about the last month or so of reports but its kinda hard to fish in 5 foot waves.
April 11-12th
Went fishing in the western basin. Had good luck on Niagra Reef from 17-22 ft of water. The fish were taken on Orange Spoons with a very slow presentation seemed to work the best because the water is still on the cold side. The Water temp was 49 degree. All of the fish we caught were jacks from 18-22 inches long. Some fisherman were using helicopter jigs tiped with a minnow, but in my opinion vertical jigging Orange or yellow spoons seem to be the best bet.


July 30th
went fishing in bout 70-72 ft of water..had good luck on purple/black long A bomers and on worm harnesses..i found that most of the fishing that i was catching was on the bottom
July 18th
Went fishing most of the day had to go northwest..bout 11miles out in 75 feet of water..caught 6..the day was slow but the 6 were all over 26 inches...using dipsy divers right near the bottom...with silver worm harnesses.
July 11th
Went fishing in the morning....Had good luck..caught 12 walleyes... 6 miles north in 68-71ft of water...We caught all the fish on Dipsy Divers..178ft back..using orange and/or silver warm harnesses.
July 10th
Went fishing in the morning.had some luck caught 6 walleyes and 4 61 ft of water us in dipsy divers with orange and/or silver harnesses back bout the evening caught 4 using same bait but in 67-70ft
July 9th
Lake to rough
July 8th
After several days of storms and rough water we manages to catch 2 walleyes in 61ft of water on dipseys on silver worm harnesses.
June 30th
We only fished the evening...We caught 9 for around 6pm - 39ft of water....2.5 miles west of geneva ing dipsy divers with orange worm harnesses and the other 2 poles we had bottom bounces runing on the bottom
July 1st
we did really good in the morning there was 3 of us on the boat caught 14 trolling dipsy divers with worm harnesses and bottom bounces again with worm 56-59 ft of water bout 3 miles west of geneva harbor in the evening caught 9 more in the same area