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Titus II Wolfenstein Page

In this site You'll find

Welcome all Wolfenstein fans, I hope you enjoy this site. Got here pretty much of stuff about Wolfenstein (that is add-ons,links,top5,poll etc.), and if this isn't enough check out Links page. And of course if you got any comments, questions or suggestions visit Ultimate Wolfenstein and stuff Message board or Mail me

And I'm waiting for your votes at Wolfenstein TOP 5, so check it out And also vote here:

Will you buy Return To Castle Wolfenstein ?

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Click here to download it


Click here to download it

Also.I have had many people mailing me about the Wolfenstein add-on pack. I'm sorry, but it's not (and never will be) available. I have included those levels in my new add-on "Rise of the Third Reich", wich is practically ready (only seven more levels to go, + exe). Sorry about that WOLF3D SITE OF THIS MONTH: Wolf3d Shrine

Visit also Ultimate Wolfenstein and stuff Message board

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(In 24 of September, 1999)

As promised a new poll is here. And I'd be much more happy if you'd VOTE

(in 10 of January 2000)

Oh, come on... I'd be very glad, if you'd VOTE
Oh, and do not forget: TO VOTE

(in 18 of January 2000)

Howdy, again!!! Yupee, another wolfenstein domain - Wolf 3d shrine at (i really should consider getting my own domain name). And by the way. Wolf3d Shrine is also WOLF 3D SITE OF THE MONTH.
And as always, don't forget to VOTE

Oh, and another thing. Updated downloads and files page. Now have NO GORE patch and PatchSwapper. GO AND GET IT and VOTE.

(in 19 of January, 2000)

Boy, have I been offline a while. Well, did now a major update. Removed a dead link on my links site, added a new great addon, you know where, added a new poll (you know, what I'm trying to say), and finally uploaded SPEAR OF DESTINY THE LOST EPISODES. No need for original spear or wolf, just go to my Files page and get it.

(in 24 of February, 2000)

All right. Here goes. A small update today, but tomorrow... You might find a greatest update of all times. Not gonna tell ya more. About updates... Added some more screenshots, well thats it.

(in 23 of March, 2000)

Well, it has been a while, but here I am again. I now have Borland C++ for Download. Yes siree, it's here, so GO AND GET IT. Oh, and vote too.

(in 16 of April, 2000)

Sure has been a long time. Anyway, before July we'll have a major update here. I'm gonna get some frames in here, no to mention and Estonian site AND SO ON. Don't forget to check this page out! Press CTRL+D to bookmark it.

Wooh. I'm back after a very long time, and now you WILL have updates in every week. Anyway what you probably already know, by PC magazine and Computerworld ID is making a sequel of Woldenstein 3D titled "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". More info later on.

(in 17 of August, 2000)

A whole new page is up, and it's all about the upcoming Wolfenstein. Be sure to check it out (and I mean it)

(in 21 of August, 2000)


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