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Acreage land, Farm Land, Property, Recreation land, for SALE....Canada, Freest country in the World now

Acreage,small bush land property, with HWY and RIVER frontage for sale, CDN. $179,900.until April 30/23 in CANADA,800 ft above Sea Level, one of TOP FREEST COUNTRIES in the world and 2nd BEST to DO BUSINESS in ( See LINKS BELOW)...SAVE THOUSANDS of Dollars owning your own acreage ,farm land, property with FREE Electricity ( install Solar Power), FREE Water (River or dig a well on this acreage,small farm,property) and FREE Heat ( 10.6 acres of wood on this acreage, farmland for a Wood stove),ZONED RESIDENTIAL by MPAC but also great for hunting acreage, farmland,and homestead which you can inquire further about by email or phone... Great acreage, farmland and property for building a HUNTING Cabin, or for a RETIREMENT home. also acreage for TRAVEL, VACATION cottage, small farm land or an ECO Tourist Business....I know because our company Worvest Corporation had its office and residence on connected acreage, property until May 2009!We have our office in the city,now...

WAKE-UP to WILDLIFE in your own Very private, WILDERNESS PARADISE acreage property, of 10.6 Acres of land with Bear, Moose, Lynx, Wolf, Fox etc., and the SATISFACTION of building on your own acreage land a SELF-SUFFICIENT Hunting CABIN, ECO Retreat, small farm or House... in Timmins, Northern Ontario, Canada-home of Shania Twain and the centre of First Nations Canadians the CREE and OJIBWAY first nations people, N.Ontario AND NO FLUORIDE even in the city water ..Build your own CABIN or House with plenty of room for expansion-Zoned RESIDENTIAL by MPAC and A Great TRAVEL Destination...NO SARS, NO West Nile, NO MAD COW, and NO Pollution.We can even drink from the lakes and rivers in this area.

The 10.6 acre lot is on the North side of the Highway. This LOT has 2-300 feet of great frontage on the HIGHWAY, of a total of 500 Ft. of Frontage with Gravel entrance and has more than 75 feet of RIVER frontage and a few hundred feet( appr. 100 + meters ) from Carlton LAKE, by Canoe, nearby.This is a PRIVATE sale...Other Personal interests require that I make this recently SURVEYED DEEDED lot available.It is also assessed as "RESIDENTIAL" according to MPAC, so you can easily build upon it. PRICED only at $179,900.preferably paid for in Gold in recognized Gold/Silver coins. Based on only 3 acres nearby recently selling for $155,000, it would make TODAY'S VALUE, of our 10.+ Acres at least $355,000. I will discuss RENT/LEASE to OWN for any very credit-worthy person or organization, with a large DOWN PAYMENT.

Wouldn't you LOVE to have your OWN REAL ESTATE which is IDEAL for a HUNTING cabin,Starter Home or an ECO-Tourist Business,a small Fishing Lodge or CAMPING,Cottage or a back-to-nature retreat, small farm or house in Timmins, Ontario, Canada ...... HUNTING, eco-adventures, Boating, Camping,Fishing, Hiking, Swimming

...SO How about these details for a real steal of a DEAL...

***10.6 Beautifully FORESTED Acres mainly on a High ( 800 ft. above sea level) and mainly Dry Landscape with plenty of both HIGHWAY and RIVER Frontage.Several good spots to build on.
***Property is surrounded by Forested CROWN land and LAKES,and vibrating with WILDLIFE,such as Bear, Moose,Wolf,Lynx,cougar.
***This 10.6 acre lot is a Very PRIVATE & SECLUDED property,yet ONLY 15 MINUTES to CITY Life,in Timmins, Ontario's Gold-Mining capital,and HOME to country singer, Shania Twain with all the amenities of any small city, such as Shopping MALLS and a modern HOSPITAL.
**Just "around the corner" from a planned Provincial PARK land giving this property (acreage) future COMMERCIAL value.
** 10 YEAR TAX HOLIDAY for ANY New businesses starting in Timmins (including foreign nationals).
**NON-CANADIANS, qualify and are MORE than WELCOME to BUY this property.
**YES this acreage,property IS a PRIVATE SALE.We will consider ANY fair and reasonable BEST OFFER from the right person. but more importantly I prefer NAURET-FRIENDLY people to buy and so we will be MORE than reasonable in considering offers from NATURE-Friendly individuals wanting to homestead or cottage and organizations or businesses..For MORE PHOTOS and INFORMATION about this complete PROPERTY, which is surrounded by hundreds of thousand of acres of Crown land, click on LINK at BOTTOM of this page. ...

For ECO-TOURISM,HUNTING,fishing,CAMPING,your own PRIVATE TRAVEL destination or a Retreat,at its BEST.. come to Northern Ontario,Canada......A SMALL PRICE to pay for a LIFETIME of ADVENTURE, RECREATION, BACK-TO-NATURE land and even PROFIT!Come and see it for yourself,first.

We are so confident you will LOVE this property,after seeing it,that,if you send a DEPOSIT of 10% of your OFFER, to hold it,We WILL RETURN YOUR DEPOSIT,IN FULL,if within 30 DAYS you decide not to buy..NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
... It will make a GREAT acreage for your own personal Hunting cabin, small farm or home with energy efficient benefits.....

FOR MORE INFO CONTACT:Roger, Worvest Corporation TEL: 705 235-2577 or for EMAIL click on: EMAIL OR COME & VISIT the land at : Cripple Creek RIVER,Denton Township,Timmins, Ontario CANADA. (PHONE or email us FIRST,of Course)

***For Information on HOW TO BUY this 10.6 acre lot which is the size of at least 80 large house lots plus all the Flora and Fauna benefits of the wilderness and MORE PHOTOS etc.CLICK on the LINK at the VERY BOTTOM of THIS PAGE***

Think of this:"PROPERTY is the ONLY Investment which doesn't require work to INCREASE in VALUE,because the availability of PRIVATE LAND is Decreasing while the POPULATION of this planet is INCREASING" .Present PRICE is now Cdn. $179,900 until APRIL 30/23


NO FLUORIDE in city water.Adventure,TRAVEL ,Vacations in Canada
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MORE about My TIMMINS ACREAGE/ PROPERTY...Summer & Winter FUN Paradise

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