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Starcontrol 2 Super Ships

Download them here:

2 Sample Starcontrol 2 Super Ships (90K)

All of my Starcontrol 2 Super Ships (551K)

Starcontrol 2 is the best game ever made. I've spent years and years playing it and I still love it. As an amateur computer programmer, I like to tinker with files just for fun. Using a Hex editor, I've located some of the key spots where data for the Starcon ships are and I've been able to modify them. I haven't been able to upgrade all of them, but I'm quite proud of some of the ones I have. Included in these files is a ship called Zardz. It's basically a Pkunk, but instead of doing one point of damage per shot, it does 6 and has an instananeous energy rechage rate. I've beaten the Su-matra, the most difficult ship in the game, in about 20 secs. with 1 Zardz ship. The first .zip file contains two of the ships I have edited. The second file contains all of the ships I've been able to modify. Download them and place them in your Starcontrol 2 directory. They don't overwrite any of the existing ships, they just become new ships you can choose when you play Supermelee. They appear just like the other ships do-they look exactly the same, but have awesome attributes. If you like them, please e-mail me and let me know. PS. If you want to use these ships in the role-playing game, you have to copy the modified ship file over the original ship file--Make a backup of the original first!!!


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