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Pig Roast 2000 Featuring Frank, Gregg, Mark and Steve!
Memorial Day Weekend, 2000
Click on the picture to see it enlarged!
Snedegar's Cave
Almost Heaven...
Frank Singin' In The Rain. La la la!
Snedegar's Entrance
Steve Having A Really Good Time!
Frank Lost In The Maze
OK, This Is Foam From Recent Flooding
Gregg At One With Nature
Frank And Gregg Climb

Bone Cave
Soaked In A Downpour!
The Quarry Entrance
Mark At The Entrance
Frank Lighting Up!
Lots Of Crawling!
Mark Leaving Butt Prints On Formations...
Frank Admiring Bone's Only Wet Spot
Mark Whispering Sweet Nothings To Frank???
Gregg, Frank, Brent (lost boy) and Mark
Steve Holding Up The Ceiling!
Steve Enjoying Some Rare Bone Canyon...
More Steve Canyon
Steve: "Eek! A Bat!"
Our Objective: The Devil's Pinch. Ouch!
Gregg Made The Pinch Look So Easy, Dammit!
Frank: "I'm Singin' In The Rain! Lala la la!"

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