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As your ship tosses and turns on the great waves of the Adubohe Sea, your fear heightens. Many people each year die here....and many others just do not return. Where do they go? You wonder. But nobody knows.
The dangerous waters do not cease their torment on you; and soon a great wave is thrown upon your ship's deck. Many are washed overboard, but you grip a railing and hang on tight. You are saved. You are the only saved from the fury of the Sea. Soon you fall into a nearly-unconscious sleep...
You wake on a sandy beach, the gently waves lapping at your legs. You slowly sit and scan the area with your sharp eyes, seeing nothing that could help you. This is a presumably empty place; for you see no wildlife nor evidence of human life. Your ship is also nowhere to be seen.
You stand on wobbily sea legs, the world swimming around you. Once you get your bearings you start to walk toward the edge of the sand. Suddenly, you fall, and your tiredness takes you over again as you fall into a deep sleep on the hot sand....
A gentle hand shakes your shoulder, and you awaken once again to stare into the eyes of a beautiful woman. "Who...who are you?" You stammer.
"I am Queen Ariallana...I see you have crashed, as many do." she replies in a warm voice, a smile crossing her face.
"Umm...yes." You say, then quickly add: "Your Highness." not wanting to offend her in case she will behead you.
"Please, please, call me Ari. Now let's get you some warm clothes, and then you are free to roam as you please; along my beautiful country of C'ny" -she sweeps her arms around her- "and the others surrounding us: Merylie, to the west,Cor'in, to the waaay west, Olly Olly and Oxen Free to the north, and many others. We are all peaceful, but you must beware of the Raiders. They will kill and rob any they come upon. Now come with me."
Before you can respond she takes your hand and leads you to the edge of the forest, where you can see a trail. "Casey!" she calls, and a boy about twenty-five runs up. "This is the King, Casenoba. He will escort you the rest of the way."
The young king starts off, and after an hour you wonder how far away it is, but you do not say anything, thinking of being beheaded again. Finally you see a wall up ahead, and King Casenoba tells you it's the walls around the capital city of C'ny. You nod as Casey signals to the guards to open the gates. They lead you in and you gasp at the largeness of the city; people are bustling around, yelling out offers ("Buy your fresh fish here!" "Come get the best knitting wool in all of C'ny!" "Come come, you know you need new shoes!" "The one wines you CAN afford!")
King Casenoba leads you to the mansion at the far end of the city, built up against the walls. He explains that this is where he, Queen Ariallana, and their three children, Prince Casenoba II, Princess Katherine, and Prince Arin live. You nod in wonderment, your eyes wide. Casey goes into the castle, leading you behind him. He calls for a servent and they prepare you a few pairs of clothes, a packet of food, and some gold coins. "Here you go. Now you go and make yourself a living, and enjoy your new life here in the Paradise Islands!" King Casenoba bids you farewell and sends you off into the city.
Now it is time you take over your life, and make it as prosperous as you can. GOOD LUCK!

First thing you need to do: Choose a Country to Live/Work In
Read the General Guidelines for Paradise Islands.
Join the fun!
Have your adventures...
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