Here are the finest collection of our mp3 skin
for winamp (note: this skin are for use with winamp ONLY)

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Skin name Studio Suniko v 1.0
Author Andrey Semeniouk
Authors Comment Cool Skin!
Reviewer Comment Cool blue. Smooth and well done
Download Download (56K)
Skin name Edge Crusher
Author G Pope
Authors Comment Have Main and EQ open
Reviewer Comment Ok Pope does it again and gets a 5
Download Download (88K)
Skin name CA-1000
Author G Pope
Author Comment Alloy Skin
Reviewer Comment Ok this rules
Download Download (76K)
Skin name Red 200
Author Jason M
Authors Comment Really kewl Rad skin
Reviewer Comment Clean, with all the extras
Download Download (42K)
Skin name Receiver
Author Timo Henke
Auhtors Comment A skin like an exhaust
Reviewer Comment My favorite of Timos
Download Download (112K)

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