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for winamp (note: this skin are for use with winamp ONLY)

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Skin name Cold Fusion
Author Richie Jackson
Authors Comment Fusion AmpMan in a Freezer!
Reviewer Comment One Sweet Skin
Download Download (110K)
Skin name Megaman X
Author William Levasseur
Authors Comment An MMX Base Skin
Reviewer Comment Megaman Megaskin
Download Download (450K)
Skin name Phoenix
Author Henrik L÷wenadler
Author Comment shiny..:)
Reviewer Comment More stylish offerings from Henrik
Download Download (104K)
Skin name Shiva
Author Henrik L÷wenadler
Authors Comment Metalic, and blue...
Reviewer Comment VERY dope.
Download Download (58K)
Skin name Starspawn
Author Johan 'Foob' Wuyckens
Auhtors Comment Foob
Reviewer Comment Sweet, Damn sweet
Download Download (75K)

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