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Montcalm High School
P.O. Box 710
Montcalm, WV 24737





This page is for Alumni Of Montcalm High School
I added a Facebook Group for Montcalm High School Alumni. Click here to go to Facebook and join.

Facebook is a free and easy to use website that can make it easier to keep up to date contact info for yourself and your fellow alumni.

Page is dead, removed the alumni page, don't feel like taking the time to erase the whole thing. Get on Facebook and you'll see most of your class is already there.

At least now I won't have to put up with little jerks sending me hate mail over this page that I designed 12 years ago. I swear, you try to do something nice and there's always someone who thinks they are better than you that has to complain.

Everyone take note of our 1994 Montcalm High Graduate Frank Roop III, whose band Echo 7 has finally taken off. He is getting plenty of airtime on J104.

I have reconfigured this page for Alumni Only. I haven't recieved any new content since my neice graduated so I pulled the content.

It may not be that exciting to you but I've wanted DSL for over 9 years now

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