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A Cihild's Plea A Child's Plea

Why can't we hear the cries of some children today?

Why are they silent and don't complain?

Purest of innocence seeking only comfort Shattered by obsessions with disorders that scorn Precious gifts from God above, Earth like angels who wish nothing but love Lend me your ear and hear a child's plea, These words are spoken from a child in need....

You had a choice to prevent me from being born Life you chose, yet you've done me more harm Instead of offering Lolly Pops, Teddy Bears,

Your disposition leaves only fears I try to make you happy, do what I am told But your fury hurts, leaves me cold

I'm sorry, I know it's not your fault There is hope, help Please find someone to consult

I'm just a child, yet growing fast I cherish my life, want it to last No more silent cries I hide It's time to face the truth, stop being blind If we come together, fight this abuse Our lives as children are destined for a truce

Children are gifts of love from God to spread across the world. Don't destroy these gifts. By doing so you destroy dreams, & hopes. Help fight child abuse stop the hate. If you know of a child who is being abused, don't be afraid to contact authorities immediately. A minute phone call can mean a lifetime of happiness.

Written By ~Swt MeloDe~

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