Crew Pictures

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T/Sgt. Bill Neutzling, Radio Operator, waist gunner on 1st Lt Robert L. Boone's crew, 15th AAF, 484 Bomb Group (H) 825 Bomb Squadron (H) 49th Wing, Cerignola (Torretta) Italy

Bill N. and Herman Stern at Gulfport Field, Miss. during basic training in 1943

Crew of Robert L. Boone 825 Squadron. Top row from left: Robert J Schaefer E, Gerald A Lemieux G, Chandler D Porter Jr, William A Kelly G, Vincent F Gallagher G, and William J Neutzling R/O. Bottom row from left: Lang B, Howard V Sumerlin C/P, Robert L Boone P, and John M Roe N.

L-R standing: Engineer, Bob Shaefer; Tail gunner, S/Sgt Chandler Porter; Ball gunner, S/Sgt Jerry Lemieux; Nose gunner, S/Sgt Vince Gallagher; Top turret gunner, S/Sgt Bill Kelly.
Kneeling: Navigator, John Roe; Radio operator, Bill Neutzling.

Part of the crew after a ballgame. L-R Bob Boone, Pilot; Vince Gallager, Bill Kelly, John Roe, Bob Schaefer, Howard Sumerlin, co-pilot. Chandler Porter, Jerry Lemieux, and Bill Neutzling were AWOL for this picture. Smoke in background was from a huge explosion at the next field..

Number 33, Weary Willie, before a mission. T/Sgt Bob Schaefer is topside checking gas tank caps.

Navigator, 1st Lt John Roe posing next to the Great Speckled Bird, one of the planes we flew.

Pilot, 1st Lt Robert L. Boone.

Co-pilot, 1st Lt Howard Sumerlin.

Shaefer at the door to our tent.

A posed shot of Neutzling just before we started back home.

A posed shot of Shaefer.

Gunner's Row photo, courtesy, S/Sgt Walt Bondarchuk Sr. of lst Lt. Bert Johnson's crew 484/825.

Bondarchuk's crew aquired this abode after its original crew was shot down. Sgt Harold Moynihan (tail gunner),of 1st Lt. Bert Johnson's crew.

Breaking camp to go home, May '45.

S/Sgt Walter Bondarchuk & S/Sgt Dick Woidich, 484/825 Sqd.

"Fellows who lived near us on gunners row." Bondarchuk's quote. He didn't know they were (l to r) Kelly, Neutzling, Lemieux, Schaefer, Porter, and Gallagher.

War's over, cleaning up before leaving.

A three day pass in Rome for Neutzling. Standing in front of St. Peters.

Bill N. and John Roe at the end of the war.

Same two guys at Casper Wyoming reunion, 1998