The B-24J is the last twin tailed version of the Liberator to go into quantity production. Externally, it is similar to the B-24H but was made in a different factory and uses different automatic pilots, bombsites, and nose turrets. It has the same remarkable load-carrying abilities and range as the other Liberators with their Davis high-lift wings. Beyond the B-24H, the "I" is not used in plane designations, the B-24J is pictured here, the "K" was an experimental single tailed plane, the "L" was the same as the "J" except equipped with hand held guns, the "M" was the same as the "L" except for a slight difference in the tail turret, and the "N" is a single tailed version.

Wing Span: 110'
Length: 67' 1 3/16"
Height: 17' 11"
Top Speed: Over 300mph
Cruising Speed: Over 200mph
Maximum Range: Approximately 4000 miles
Gross Weight: Over 56,000lb
Empty Weight: Over 36,561lb

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