B-24 Pictures

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Elements of the 49th Wing (461BG) on their way to today's target.

Liberators of the 824 Squadron lead by ship #12 head out on a mission in 1944. (credit: Torreta Flyer No 23)

Number 33, Weary Willie, before a mission. Schaefer is topside checking gas tank caps.

Nose Art? Monet did this one.

Liberators of the 484. (From Walt Bondarchuk's WWII military collection.)

Navigator, Roe posing next to the Great Speckled Bird, one of the planes we flew.

Flak hit between #1 and #2 engines. Two chutes were hanging to our right and just above our flight as we passed by. This occured April 10, 1945 as we were bombing the German lines ahead of the British 8th Army in Italy.

This could be #33 after our first mission to Maribor, Yugoslavia. No way to identify except for that hole over the waist gun window.

The 484th over Austria.

#1 smoking, #4 feathered.

15th Fighter Command, P-38 Lightnings

15th Fighter Command, P-51 Mustangs

Over Vienna or Linz. Target not identified but flak is familiar.

Attang - Puchiem 4/21/45, our last mission.

Aircraft from the 484th Bomb Group preparing to land at Torretta Airfield. Note the parked B24s on the various hard stands along the bent taxiways. (credit: Torreta Flyer No 34)

No. 61 of the 484 Bomb Group from the cover of the final edition of the Torretta Flyer, provided by Rod Stewart, Pilot, 826th Sq.

A model B-24 showing the markings of the 484th Bomb Group in color.