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Surfing in Ahangama and Midigama

Maps, More Pictures 1999-2000, Pictures 2000-2001

A spot called TIRAS. Best when the swell is medium-big. Sorry, we can't tell you the location of this spot ......

The best wave in Ahangama can be found in front of the ‘Kabalana Beach Hotel’. This spot is called ‘The Rock’ as it is in front of a big rock in the water. Best on medium-big swells.


In front of ‘Ram's'’ in Midigama is a righthander that also has a left. This wave is very powerful and breaks over a shallow reef. Be careful. There is a channel where you can paddle out. Surf here when the waves are small-medium. Closes out or is just to heavy on a big swell.
  One beach further you can find two other good waves, a left- and a righthander. This spot is called 'Spot X'. Good on medium swells. Visited by (too) many Japanese surfers.

In front of ‘Hiltens Beach Resort’ is a lefthander that can be good at some times. Best on a medium-big swell.