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Sheri's Personal Site

This site has been overhauled, yet again. I tried making a new site other places, but none have had held the same meaning, or looked as good as ones through angelfire. (No, they didn't pay me to say that, although, I am quite happy to accept all money donations (Joking) ;)) Anyway, there are some new features, like the new, About me page, not to mention I am taking a few things away.

I am sure that you will find my new layout much more appropriate and quite nice overall. I fixed it so there was less mess on my front page. Each link will send you to it's own specific page. Keep visiting here, I plan to update a quite a rapid speed. So, you may never know what you will find. Not to mention the adding on of, my entirely new web site. I hope you enjoy and look forward to all comments.

All About Me

Everything you did or didn't want to know about me. Click here.

Favorite Talkers

  • Castle Talker: UK based
  • Callyn Talker: UK based
  • Vegas Talker: Vegas based
  • Universe Talker: Denmark based
  • Manor Talker: UK based
  • Surfers Talker: UK based.

    Pictures of me here.

    Friends Pictures
    Click here for my friends page.

    Family Pictures
    Pictures of my wonderful family.

    Here is an important site that you should not miss. Locks of Love. It is an organization that helps children get wigs specially made for them. Please visit the site for more info on this wonderful project.

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