200 Questions About Pittsburgh's Past And Present

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1. Newscaster Bill Burns used to end his newscasts with this phrase: ________, _____ _____ and ______ ______ 
2. Name two members of the Rooney family.
3. Pittsburgh once had a bridge to ________.
4. What was Ricki Wertz' dog's name?
5. Famous Pittsburgh DJ: Clark ________.
6. What was Bill Cardille's nickname?
7. What pro wrestling champ was from Pittsburgh?
8. Paul Long's news partner was Don ________.
9. Name the parts of a Primanti's cheese steak sandwich, without egg.
10. What was Bob Prince's nickname?
11. Myron Cope invented the Terrible ________.
12. What tunnels are on the Parkway West?
13. What tunnels are on the Parkway East?
14. What is the Pittsburgh subway system called?
15. Paul Shannon hosted: __________ _______.
16. Nosmo King was played by: ________ ________.
17. Franco Harris is best known for his "__________ Reception" in the 1972 playoffs.
18. What part of Pittsburgh was Forbes Field in?
19. What part of Pittsburgh is Three Rivers Stadium in?
20. Name the three rivers in Pittsburgh?
21. What number did Roberto Clemente wear?
22. What number did Joe Greene wear?
23. If you go up the Duquesne Incline, where will it take you?
24. What state park is located in downtown Pittsburgh?
25. Name the first radio station in Pittsburgh?
26. During the '70s, what radio station encouraged their listeners to answer their phones with "I listen to the new 
     sound of ________"?
27. The host of Dialing for Dollars was Del ________.
28. The host of Bowling for Dollars was Nick ________.
29. The host of "Popeye and Knish" was Hank ________.
30. Steeler Jack Lambert said, "Quarterbacks should ______ ________."
31. Saturday morning Tarzan Theatre was hosted by Don ________.
32. The minor league hockey team in Pittsburgh was the _________.
33. The two ABA franchises in Pittsburgh were the ________ and the ________.
34. "Spread some chicken on the hill with ________."
35. "Who can? __________."
36. "Ring a ling a ling give ________ a ring."
37. "Century Three Chevrolet _________ _______ ______ __________."
38. "Eat n Park's the place for ________."
39. What cabaret type showroom was located in Monroeville?
40. Name four quarterbacks from the Pittsburgh area who played in the Super Bowl (there are more than four)?
41. Who played Handy Man Negri on Mister Roger's Neighborhood?
42. What section of Pittsburgh would you go to buy fruits and vegetables?
43. The Civic Arena is located just below what area of Pittsburgh?
44. What three Pittsburgh colleges play Division I basketball?
45. Wholey's is known for ________.
46. The Pittsburgh WTT tennis team was the __________.
47. Pittsburgh railroad workers did a dance while they worked. It became known as ________ ________.
48. The first owner of the Steelers was: ____________
49. The paddle boats on the rivers are the ________ ________.
50. The Pittsburgh USFL team was the _________.
51. Pittsburgh's indoor soccer teams were the ________ and the _________.
52. The tallest building in Pittsburgh: _________________
53. What is the oldest bridge in downtown Pittsburgh, built in the 1880s?
54. What two forts occupied the area of Point State Park in the late-1700s?
55. What is the oldest surviving building in downtown Pittsburgh, dating back to the late-1700's?
56. What was the first automobile tunnel linking the South Hills and downtown Pittsburgh?
57. What was the original name of Three Rivers Stadium?
58. Which broadcaster replaced Bob Prince as the voice of the Pirates?
59. What Carly Simon song did Heinz use to promote ketchup in the 1970's?
60. What was the name of the Pittsburgh Pirates original baseball field?
61. Pittsburgh mills provided all of the steel framework for what well-known building in New York City?
62. "Open up the window, _____ _______, here it comes!"
63. Bob Prince replaced ______ ________ as the Pirates radio broadcaster.
64. "Michael, Michael, ___________"
65. What is the significance of the blinking red beacon atop the Grant Building in downtown Pittsburgh?
66. What is the significance of the blue or red light atop the Gulf Building in downtown Pittsburgh?
67. What firm operated the Pittsburgh trolley system prior to the Port Authority?
68. What was the year of the great St. Patrick's Day flood?
69. What year did the Pitt Panther football team win the Rose Bowl?
70. What year did the Pirates win their first world series?
71. Name the four members of the original Steel Curtain.
72. Who replaced Terry Bradshaw as the Steelers starting quarterback?
73. Who was the Steelers first 1000 yard rusher?
74. The 1979 World Champion Pirates were known as "The ________."
75. Before being annexed by the city of Pittsburgh, the North Side area was known as __________ _____.
76. John A. Roebling, the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge, built what two suspension bridges in Pittsburgh in the 1800s?
77. The city of Pittsburgh is named for what 18th century English Prime Minister: ________ ______.
78. Pittsburgh was under seige during what indian uprising?
79. During the heyday of the steel industry, Pittsburgh was known as "The ________ City."
80. During the war years (1943-1944), the Pittsburgh Steelers merged with what two NFL teams?
81. Pittsburgh tennis professional Vitas Gerulaitis had a fan club called "Vitas' _________."
82. The first newspaper west of the Alleghenies was the __________ ___________, founded in 1786.
83. What was the name of the city's first indoor mall, located in downtown Pittsburgh?
84. What Pirate player hit the homerun to win the 1960 World Series?
85. What was the original name of the Pittsburgh Steelers?
86. What was the original name of the Pittsburgh Pirates?
87. Name the two bridges at Pittsburgh's Point prior to the Fort Pitt and Fort Duquesne bridges.
88. The Parkway East is also refered to as the ______-_______ _______.
89. What company was founded, in Tarentum, in 1883 to make plate glass?
90. What department store was once located on the corner of Smithfield and Fifth?
91. What department store was once located on the corner of Smithfield and Sixth?
92. What department store was once located on the corner of Sixth and Liberty?
93. What amusement park opened in 1898 as a trolley park and picnic area?
94. Forbes Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh was once known as _________ ________.
95. Who was the first Mayor of Pittsburgh, elected in 1816?
96. Pittsburgh was chartered as a borough in the year _______ and was upgraded to city status in the year _______.
97. Pittsburgh in the 1800s, like St. Louis today, was refered to as the "________ __ ___ _____."
98. In 1892, Pinkertons and State Militia fought striking steelworkers at Andrew Carnegie's _________ _______.
99. In 1949, ____________ opened its first restaurant on Rt. 51.
100. Name the four Pittsburgh newspapers in circulation in 1950.
101. The Wabash tunnels were remodeled in the 1960s for what unrealized light-rail system?
102. Who was Mayor of Pittsburgh during Renaissance I?
103. Who was Mayor of Pittsburgh during Renaissance II?
104. What was the name of Franco Harris fan club?
105. What was the name of Roy Gerela's fan club?
106. What country singer warned listeners not to "lay a hand on a Pittsburgh Steeler fan?"
107. Name three local amusement parks in the 1960s?
108. Who sang the song "There's a pawn shop on the corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"?
109. What was the downtown location of the original U.S. Steel Building?
110. What Grant Street hotel occupied the now vacant lot between the U.S. Steel Building and the Mellon Building?
111. What was the year of the "Great Fire" that destroyed most of downtown Pittsburgh?
112. Singer/Dancer Gene Kelly attended what Pittsburgh university?
113. What Steeler lineman was known for his gold colored game shoes?
114. Former Steeler Ernie Holmes was recognized for what unique hairstyle?
115. Who was the Steelers first 1000 yard receiver?
116. Name the three Steeler linebackers who started in the Pro Bowl in 1975.
117. What nationwide restaurant chain was started by former Steeler greats, including Mel Blount?
118. Who was the starting quarterback on Pitt's 1976 National Championship team?
119. What well-known actor, of "Batman" fame, once worked as a copy-boy at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette?
120. Pittsburgh's first heavyweight title fight, in July 1951, featured _______ ____ ________ versus _________ 
121. What Soviet Premier visited Pittsburgh?
122. What University of Pittsburgh doctor discovered the vaccination for polio?
123. Roberto Clemente recorded exactly _______ hits as a Pirate.
124. Name four major industries in the Pittsburgh area in the 1800s.
125. The ___________ Club, on Sixth Avenue, hosted president Ulysses S. Grant at its gala opening social event.
126. The 80-ton ________ Gun was built in Pittsburgh during the civil war. It was the largest cannon in the world at 
       the time.
127. During World War II, landing craft were assembled on _________ Island.
128. What Revolutionary War General made several notable river crossings near Pittsburgh?
129. Name the four historic landmarks in Kennywood Park.
130. "We've got a feeling, Pittsburgh's going to ___ ______ _____."
131. The _______ Building in downtown Pittsburgh, built in 1951, was a pioneering achievement in the use of aluminum in
132. In the 1800s, due to Pittsburgh's diverse immigrant population working in the local mills, the city was dubbed a 
       "________ _____" of cultures.
133. In 1877, striking workers of the ____________ Railroad rioted for two days in Pittsburgh, causing millions of 
      dollars in damage and hundreds of lives lost.
134. Before railroads moved west, travellers to Pittsburgh from the east came via the Pennsylvania ______.
135. Mount Washington sits atop _____ Hill.
136. In July of 1755, English General Edward Braddock was fatally wounded by French and Indian forces during the 
       battle of "_________ Hill."
137. Name the Pitt Panther running back who won the Heisman Trophy in 1976.
138. Pirate batters Rennie Stennett, Richie Hebner, Manny Sanguillen, Richie Zisk, Al Oliver, Willie Stargell and Dave
       Parker were known as "The ________ Company."
139. What KDKA sports personality was known for his outlandish jackets and candid commentaries?
140. Name Pittsburgh's rare father/daughter news anchor team?
141. Name six of the puppet characters in Mister Roger's "Neighborhood of Make Believe." (there were twelve)
142. Steeler Jack Lambert's fan club was called _________ ________.
143. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette merged with what newspaper in the mid-1990s?
144. In the 1970s, the following writers covered pro sports for the Post-Gazette: Steelers - Vito _________; Pirates
       - Charlie _________; Penguins - Bob _________.
145. What Pittsburgh area golf course hosted the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship?
146. Post-Gazette writer _______ Parascenzo covers the professional golf beat.
147. In the decade of the 70s, Pittsburgh was known as "The City of ________."
148. Pittsburgh's Point is home to what annual boating festival?
149. What number did Mario Lemieux wear?
150. The Pittsburgh Penguins won back-to-back Stanley Cups in what years?
151. Name the Penguins two Stanley Cup coaches?
152. Mr. McFeeley is known for his "_______ _______" service.
153. What team did the Pirates beat in the 1971 and 1979 World Series?
154. Who was the last Pirate pitcher to throw a no-hitter?
155. Who refered to Raider's George Atkinson and Jack Tatum as part of the "criminal element."
156. What Steeler running backs both rushed for 1000 yards in 1976?
157. What Pirate pitcher threw a 13-inning no-hitter and lost the game?
158. What Pirate hit safely in 14 consecutive World Series games?
159. Pittsburgh's USFL team featured what Heisman Trophy winning running back?
160. The Benedum Theatre was once known as the ________ Theatre?
161. Wealthy industrialist ________ _________ left a legacy of public libraries throughout the Pittsburgh area.
162. The Pittsburgh Pirates new stadium, to be opened in 2001, is called _____ ______.
163. The three local wave pools are located at what county parks?
164. The downtown stretch of the "Boulevard of the Allies" was once called ______ ______.
165. In 1869, Pittsburgh entrepreneur _____ _________ invented the air brake for heavy trains.
166. The first Pittsburgh incline, built in 1870, was the ____________ Incline.
167. What Grant Street historic landmark was built in 1888, and further enlarged in 1903?
168. What radio personality introduced the space characters Omnicron and Nudnicron?.
169. What popular amusement park was located at Bigelow Blvd. and Craig Street in the early 1900s?
170. What Pittsburgh Bishop, who served locally from 1959 through 1969, was elevated to Cardinal by Pope Paul VI?
171. Houston coach Bum Phillips said, "The road to the ______ _____ goes through Pittsburgh, Pa."
172. On Mister Roger's Neighborhood viewers were transported to the "Neighborhood of Make Believe" on the red 
173. Handiman Negri was joined by characters ____ Dog and _____ Aberlaine in Mister Roger's "Neighborhood of Make
174. Pirate ______ ________ was named MVP in the 1979 World Series.
175. What former Pirate second baseman managed the team to World Series victories in the sixties and seventies?
176. Prior to Three Rivers Stadium, the Steelers played their home games at what local venue?
177. Steeler quarterback _____ _________ was named MVP in Super Bowl XIII and XIV.
178. The Port Authority's East Busway is known as the ______ ______ ____ Busway.
179. The submarine currently docked at the Carnegie Science Center is the USS _________.
180. Downtown Pittsburgh is commonly referred to as "The ________ Triangle."
181. Captain Jim sailed on which ship?
182. "It's 11pm. Do you know where ______ __________ ____?"
183. What were the former call letters of WPXI Channel 11?
184. After a Pirate win, announcer Bob Prince would say "We _____ ____ ____ ____!"
185. Where is Forbes Field's home plate now?
186. Name the popular Pittsburgh fast-food hamburger joint prior to McDonalds?
187. What quarterback led the Pittsburgh Steelers to Super Bowl XXX?
188. What scholarly Steeler quarterback once made reference to the windy conditions at Three Rivers Stadium as "the
       wind blowing off the lake?"
189. Name the local 11:30pm Saturday evening fright show during the 60s and 70s?
190. What was the nickname of KQV during the groovy 60s and 70s?
191. What was the consolation prize if you answered a question wrong on Dialing/Bowling for dollars?
192. Name of popular late-night KDKA radio talk show host: ________ __________.
193. What two Pirate stars from the championship teams of the 1920s were known as "Big Poison" and "Little Poison"?
194. What former Steeler quarterback led the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory in the 1970s?
195. Name the quiz show that was hosted by Ricki Wertz on Sunday afternoons and featured local high school 
196. Can you name both "The Prankster" and "The Fudgemaker" from Chiller Theatre?
197. Who was Bill Burn's co-host before teaming up with daughter Patty?
198. Name the tart sold by KDKA radio morning DJ's during Christmas season?
199. Name the former Pirate chief photographer and Post-Gazette staff photographer, whose sequence photos of Bill
      Mazeroski's 1960 World Series winning homer now hang in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown?
200. Name the final three Allegheny County Commissioners before the advent of our new form of county government, 
      which is comprised of a County Council and Chief Executive?

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