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Hi my name is Joe
Here are some articles I have written on living a happy, peaceful, joyous, and loving life. I hope you enjoy them.

 TAKING OUT THE TRASH I just finished taking out the garbage and I must say that the house smells so much nicer now. In the humid heat of Summer an overflowing trash can will soon begin to take on a life of its own. It is not a good life either. It is rather one filled with disgusting, noxious odors and rotting, decaying filth. Happily, though, it is a simple matter to take the garbage out the door and to the trash bin. Sometimes our own lives can start to resemble a trash can. Sometimes we collect so much anger, resentment, and negativity that we start to stink as well. The longer we hold on to these things the worst the smell gets too. Our lives literally become garbage cans full of the rot and decay of anger, hate, fear, pain, and depression. Looking at the garbage doesnít make it go away either. Analyzing it and sorting through it doesnít make it any less disgusting. In order to get rid of the garbage in your life you have to tie up the bag and toss it out. It is as simple as it sounds too. Just take those negative thoughts out of your mind and those negative feelings out of your heart. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and know that God forgives you too. Forgive others as well and send them your love. Begin to choose love and joy again in what you think, feel, and do. Begin to share that love and joy with others and to help them in any way you can. Before long you will realize that the trash you have been holding inside you is gone and all that is left is peace, joy, happiness, love, and oneness with God. Remember then to take out your trash often. Remember to keep your life and your soul clean of the garbage that negativity brings. Life was meant to be a garden of love and joy not a dump.----------------------------------------------------------------------SERVING OTHERS I saw a very important and very great man the other day. What made this man great wasnít the car he was driving. He had a beat up old pick up truck. What made this man great wasnít the clothes he was wearing. He had on a torn tee shirt and blue jeans. What made this man great wasnít his money or his job. His worn out work boots and the hard hat in his truck were evidence that he worked hard for what little he had. What made this man great and important in my eyes was that he had stopped along the side of the road to give an old lady with a stalled car a jump start. Our society has a way of seeing everything backwards. It thinks the nice car and house make us important. It thinks the expensive clothes and high paying job make us great. These things may make our life a bit more comfortable, but they do nothing to improve who we are. We are great and important from what we think, feel, and do. It is our choices in these areas that determine who we are and what we will become. And the greatest choice we can make is to love and serve others. Serving others is the true sign of strength, character, and goodness that lie in a person. It is the very best among us who love the most, give the most, and help others the most. Remember then to serve and help others all that you can. Remember to choose love and joy and to share that love and joy with everyone everywhere. God wants us to love each other, help each other, and care for each other in this life. Jesus said that what we do for the least among us is what we do for Him. Whether it is writing to a sick friend, visiting an elderly person in a nursing home, or stopping to help a stranded motorist know that it is by helping others that you also help yourself and God.----------------------------------------------------------------------------THE WAY OF JOY Last year my children and I decided to do a little cleaning at the lake near our home. Instead of just walking around the footpath we also decided to bring a trash bag and pick up any litter that we saw along the way. It turned out to be quite a task. By the time we had walked the mile around the lake we had filled the bag to overflowing. Still, it was so wonderful to see that my children did this without complaining once. There was no anger at seeing so much litter. There was no bitterness at having to do so much work. There was only laughter, joy, and delight at being able to do something good for this world that we love so much. I am reminded of this time recently, because I have heard so many people complaining about how hard it is to live a good life these days. They seem to think that goodness is some terrible burden. They seem to think that living a good life is nothing but hard work. No wonder so many people are afraid to live in goodness. Who would want to live a joyless existence full of hardship? I myself, however, disagree with these people who see life as a horrible struggle. I have always believed in the way of joy. I have always believed that living a good life brings you more happiness, fun, and satisfaction than any other way of life. I have always believed that even though there is work in this life it can be done joyfully and with a spirit of love. I have always believed that the greatest delights in life are those you get from a good and loving heart. The type of life you live is up to you. You can take the way of selfishness and negativity which leads to destruction, you can take the way of hard work and bitterness which leads to despair, or you can take the way of joy and love which leads to Heaven. The choice is yours. I hope that you choose wisely and help God to create Heaven on Earth even if itís just by picking up trash on a summerís day.----------------------