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I is for integrity
R is for respect that is shown for one another
E is for endurance and never giving up
L is for laughter for all the fun of growing up
A is for admiration for others
N is for new found friends
D is for devotion to our community



There may not be sidewalks
There may not be skyscrapers
There may not be fancy restaurants or department stores
Yes, these are the things that there may not be,
but there is one thing that you can guarantee.
When you come home to Ireland
You will always see a friendly smile
and the warmest of welcomes from everyone that you see.
There may not be places to shop or ever historical landmarks to visit
There may not be amusement parks or rich sandy beaches
But coming home to Ireland is like having peace and serenity at your reach
When you think of Ireland you become
light-hearted and at ease,
because even though there are so many things
that may not be, the one and most important thing you will see, is how wonderful
Coming Home can be!!

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