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                                          Blarney Rock                                    

True Irish Magic engulfs the tiny village of Ireland, West Virginia - from the gentle curve of
the West Fork River to the majestic mountain peaks which encircle Ireland in a loving embrace.
Magic is everywhere one looks.

Blarney, you say? Nay! I say…are you not a believer in Irish Magic? Come to Ireland, my
friends, and see the magic for yourself. Come stand in the heart of our village and direct your gaze
up to the mountain ridge in a northeasterly direction. Rising to a height of 1450 feet above sea
level, (approximately 300 feet above the Ireland roadway), there is a boulder perched precariously
on the top of a mountain ridge. It is not gravity that holds our Blarney Rock to that ridge top – but
pure Irish Magic I say!

Blarney, you say? Nay! I say… and the Irish Magic does not stop there! The true magic of
Ireland’s Blarney Rock lies with its effect on human aging. It is said that if a person visits the Blarney
Rock annually during the Spring equinox – that lucky visitor will live to be 114 years old!
Blarney, you say? Nay! Nay! It can be proved, I say! If the hike is made for 114 consecutive
spring times, the hiker will live to be as old as Andrew Wilson, the founder of our humble village!
Blarney, you say? Nay! I say… there’s more Irish Magic in my story! Heed my advice,
visitors! Come to Ireland and hike to the Blarney Rock! Climb to the top of our magical rock and
loudly proclaim your gratitude for the arrival of Spring. (Spring arrives at 7:02am on March 20th.) But
before you leave, leave a shiny penny at the base of the Blarney Rock for our leprechauns. Make a
wish on that penny for luck – because it will be Good Luck indeed for you to return to the Blarney
Rock every year of your life hereafter. If you can do this for 114 spring times – it is almost for certain
that you too will reach the ripe old age of 114 years young!

Blarney, you say? Nay! I say…come to Ireland and help us celebrate the arrival of spring.
We will make you a believer in our Irish Magic!

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