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The Blarney Rock

Approximately 2300 feet above sea level and with a rise of approximately 300 feet above the Ireland roadway, there is a large stone that appears to be defying the laws of gravity. That's the Blarney Rock, at a very short hiking distance away. The magic of the Blarney Rock (any name resemblance to the original Blarney Stone is purely coincidentally designed) lies with its effect on human aging. It is said that if one visits the Blarney Rock annually during the equinox - preferably on the first day of spring - he or she will live to be 114 years old!! This legend can be proven to be an absolute certainty if the hike is made for 114 consecutive springtimes. The additional gesture of leaving a penny for the leprechauns increases ones chances for a long lifetime. Besides, it gives our children something of worth to do when the clean-up committee has begun its efforts after the Irish Spring Festival is over.

So, if you want to be as old as Andrew Wilson, take this advice: Hike to the Blarney Rock, climb upon the top, proclaim your gratitude for the coming of spring , and for some extra luck; leave a penny for the leprechauns. If you can do this for 114 springtimes - it is almost for certain that you too will reach the ripe old age of 114 years young.

Future Vernal Equinox times as provided by the U.S. Naval Observatory,
Astronomical Applications Department
( are as follows:

2001      March 20th at 6:31 A.M.
2002      March 20th at 12:16 P.M.
2003      March 20th at 6:00 P.M.
2004      March 19th at 11:49 P.M.
2005      March 20th at 5:34 A.M.

    These times are provided so you can plan your time well ahead to be


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