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Irish Spring Festival - 2006

List of Winners


Winners of the 25th Irish Spring Festival competitions


King Andrew XXV – Rob Hoover

Queen Elizabeth XXV – Marian Long


Find The Shamrock – Sara Devens


House Decorating

First Place – Connie & Darrell Bleigh

Second Place – Opal Spaur

Third Place – Lucille McCray

First Honorable Mention – Marian Forinash

Second Honorable Mention – Post Office

Third Honorable Mention – Cathy, John & Cassandra Bruffey



First Place – Jean Bruffey

Second Place – Bill Richards

Third Place – Tori Robey



First Place – Courtney Stafford

Second Place – Chelsea Marple

Third Place – Sasha Ratliff

Fourth Place – Jennie McAtee


Scavenger Hunt

First Place – Sasha Ratliff & Courtney Stafford


Lucky Charm Pitch

Youth Winner – Courtney Stafford

Adult Winner – Jerry Rose


Kite Fly

Most Original – Bradley Riffle

Highest Flying – Alex Cayton

Longest in the Air – Amber Riffle

Most Determined – Rex Putnam

Youngest – Hannah Cayton


Foul Shooting

First Place Youth – Jeremiah Helmick

Second Place Youth – Kyle Moneypenny

First Place Adult – Randy Stark

Second Place Adult – Matt Spaur



Best of Show – “Cookie’s Little Shamrock” with Tori Robey

First Place – “Grandpa Bleigh’s Sleigh” with the Bleigh Family

Second Place – “Baby Shamrock” with Kailee Jordan

Third Place – Ireland Head Start


Duck Race

First Place – Patty Richmond

Second Place – Joseph Parsons

Third Place – Libby Wills

Fourth Place – Jerry Stout


Talent Contest

Best Overall – Adam Carpenter


Snake Chase

First Place Male – John Burgett

Second Place Male – Clint Fisher

First Place Female – Sarah Casey

Second Place Female – Samantha Robinson

Fastest over 40 years of age – J.R. Bennett

Fastest 21 to 40 – Julie Oldaker

Fastest 13 to 20 – Caleb Burgett

Fastest 12 and under – Kyle Moneypenny

Youngest to finish – Bryson Ware

Oldest to finish – Thelma Chipps


Car Show

First Place – Tressie George

Second Place – Bob Marvel

Third Place – Buck Stewart


Fried Potatoes

First Place – Carolyn Blakemore

Second Place – Tina Bleigh

Third Place – Rose Ables


Pet Show

Best of Show – Spot the Dog with Tiffany Wine

Pet/Owner Look Alike – Duncan the Cat with Cassandra Bruffey

Prettiest – Tess the Dog with Pam

Best Behaved Pet – Princess the Dog with Erica Riley

Pet Best Depicting the Festival – Tater the Dog with Thomas Lowe

First Place Large Dog – Stu with Andrea Linger

Second Place Large Dog – Webbie with Thelma Chipps

First Place Small Dog – Anna with Tina Bleigh

Second Place Small Dog – Maddie with Samantha Lowther

First Place Cat – Princess with Khori Lowther

Second Place Cat – Playful with Kyle Gannon

First Place Miscellaneous – Share Bear the Hamster with Latasha Friend

Second Place Miscellaneous – Gizzmo the Guinea Pig with Alex Cayton


50/50 Drawing on Friday – Doris Norman

50/50 Drawing on Saturday – Nancy Lorenzo


Signature Quilt – Brooke Ware


Bushel of Potatoes – Boone Hull