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Irish Spring Festival - 2003

List of Winners


Winners of the 22nd Irish Spring Festival competitions

King Andrew and Queen Elizabeth - Ron and Anna Spaur

Find the Leprechaun - Shauna Forinash

Duck Races - (Friday) - 1st - Rocky Wine  2nd - Brandi Dillard   3rd - Rocky Wine  4th - Vernon Peters        (Monday) - 1st - Barbara MacLucas   2nd - Carl Haltman   3rd - Carolyn Bowie   4th - Mary Putnam

House Decorating - 1st - Junior Lewis   2nd - Lucille McCray   3rd - Post Office   1st Honorable Mention - Jerry & Vickie Posey   2nd - Marian Forinash   3rd - Connie Bleigh

Costumes on Friday Night - 1st - Lavon Jordan   2nd - Richard & Carolyn Hoover   3rd - Anna Margaret Spaur

Friday 50/50 - Helen Leper

Scavenger Hunt - Brittani Taylor & Katlyn Piercy

Horseshoe Pitch - (Youth) - Brittani Taylor   (Adult) - Dave Dehl

Kite Fly - Highest - Kayla Pickens    Longest Flown - Amy Hedrick   Most energetic (stuck to it and never gave up) - Adam & Andrew Spaur

14 Riders participated in the 101/2 mile bike tour.

Foul shooting - (Adult) - 1st - Cassey Bowie   2nd - Ricky York   (Youth) - 1st - Joey Piter   2nd - Joslyn Spaur

Parade - Best Overall - Ireland Lionıs Club    1st place - Lorie, Sarah, Avery, Aden and Asa Post     2nd - Kristi, Scott, Khori, Kaleb & Kyle Gannon    3rd - Courtney Putnam, Amber & Ashley Bleigh

Road Bowling - (Saturday and Sunday)  Shawn Stewart, Travis Craig, Brian Craig & Jared Putnam.  This team broke a record with 31 rolls.

Spuds from Crawford 4-H was won by Jim Myers

The Irish Signature made by Crawford 4-H & CEOS Club Members was won by Queen Anna Margaret Spaur

The dandelion cake and lion cake made by Joan & John Miller were won by Chris Goldsmith & Jean O;ıDell.

TOPS 50/50 was won by Connie Arbogast

Fried Potatoes - 1st - Marian Long   2nd - Pat Bruffey   3rd - Jackie Chisler

Talent Contest - Best Overall - Brittani Taylor & Katlyn Piercy dancing       1st place instrumental - Cassandra Bruffey & Rachel James    1st place singing - Chelsea Marple   2nd place singing - Catherine Tamblyn     3rd place singing - Xesia Pickens, Vickie Cunningham & Annjannette Wheeler    4th place singing - Whitney King

Snake Chase (10 K walk/run)   !st Place Male - Samuel Lantz with a time of 46 min. 19 sec.   2nd place Male - Robbie Sprouse with a time of 50 min. 51 sec.   1st place Female - Hannah Henderson with a time of 53 min. 12 sec.   2nd place Female - Tracy Sprouse with a time of 61 min. 6 sec.   Fastest over 40 years old - Joe Turner   fastest from 21 to 40 - Bob Hoover    Fastest from 13 to 21 - Nathaniel Burgett    Fastest 12 and under - Amber Adkins   Youngest person to finish - Shanyia Chipps ( age 7)   Oldest person to finish - Reverend Bill Richards (age 74)

Pet Show - Best of Show - Lady the dog with Betty Lane   Pet/Owner Look Alike - Bo the dog and Caleb Williams       Pet Best Depicting the Irish Spring Festival - Anna the dog with Ashley Bleigh      Best Behaved Pet - Jade the dog with Kieran Claypoole     Prettiest Pet - Zena the dog with Keatin Chipps     1st place large dog - Claire with Cassandra Bruffey     2nd place large dog - Pooch with Dusty Chipps     1st place small dog - Muffy with Brittany Beane    2nd place small dog - Annie with Vickie Posey     1st place cat - Mattie with Brandi Dillard      2nd place cat - Snowball with Glenn Lowther     1st place Miscellaneous - Bridget the hamster with Joseph Arbogast     2nd place Miscellaneous - Franklin the Turtle with Brittani Taylor

Here are the results of the March 15 and 16 Irish Roadbowling on two mile Duffy Road - most roadbowlers ever for the Irish Spring Festival

MARCH 15, 2003  - SATURDAY

33 shots - the Shenanigans - Travis Craig, Brian Craig, Jerod Putnam, Shawn Stewart - TIED course record for 4 person team

36 shots - Running Rebels - Doug Smailes, Cory Smailes, Zack Smailes, Ricky York

37 shots - Celtic Champs - Chad Westfall, Jared Singleton, Danny Spaur, Jimmy Lambert

44 shots - Daleen's Double Duet - Bob Davenport, Sue Buck, Daleen Anderson, Bill Burns

45 shots - Green Dandy Lions - Dennis Sapp,  Jon Ross, Bryan Bleigh, Tasha Sapp

49 shots - Hulk - Shannon Gear, Courtney Merrill, Mike Woofter

51 shots - French Creekers - Mike Oldaker, Ross Straight, Kelvin Mason, James Beeby

53 shots - Blarney Rollers - Beverley Putnam, Jill Singleton, Wendy Craig, Tyler Hitt  

53 shots - Which Way Do We Go ! - Bob Wines, Greg Parsons, Gayle Parsons, Chad Holman

54 shots - Hard Bowls - Milt Dotterweich, Ann Dotterweich, Rick Reich, Gail Reich

58 shots - P.J. Kelly's - Pat Kelly, Steve Griffin, Don Peterson, Maureen Taylor, Alexis Skinner

58 shots - The Pathetics - Sara Douglass, Don Blum, John Nelson, Joe Gruner

58 shots - The Spaurs - Nathan Spaur, Josh Spaur, Jayson Spaur, Joey Pifer

71 shots - Hunter Law Offices - Burt Hunter, Ray Sampson, Rex Putnam, Christopher

71 shots - Roadkillers - Mark Wilt, Tami Wilt, Bethany Burkhart, Jayme Burkhart, Derek Garrett

80 shots - 4Cs - Moose Kincaid, Jimmy Hall, Todd Lovett, Skip Dennison

no scorecard turned in -  Jurassic Spaurs - Penny Spaur, Adam Spaur, Andrew Spaur, Jocelynn Spaur, Kerry Tilton

no scorecard - Bowie's in Da Hoods - Casey Bowie, Cleve Bowie, Jeff Hood, Robbie Hood, Bill Bowie

no scorecard - Lucky Irish - Jerry Stout, Melinda Brown, Andy Long, Jon Berlo

no scorecard - Steel Rollers - Jeff Sanders, Josh Wine, Daniel Funovitz, Danny Higham, Phillip Higham

no scorecard - Old Navy - Cassie Butcher, Amanda Wimer, Samantha Robinson, Sally       

SUNDAY - MARCH 16, 2003

31 shots - the Shenanigans - Travis Craig, Brian Craig, Jerod Putnam, Shawn Stewart
NEW COURSE RECORD - 4 person team

33 shots - Running Rebels - Doug Smailes, Zack Smailes, Cory Smailes, Jay

37 shots - Leftovers - Jared Singleton, Chad Westfall, Jimmy Lambert,  Andy, Jay

41 shots - Jared Putnam's Worst Nightmare - Shannon Gear, Courtney Merrill, Mike Woofter, Brian Hefner, Danny Spaur

52 shots - Milty's Leftovers - Milt Dotterweich, Ray Sampson, Ann Dotterweich, Burt Hunter, Nancy Hunter

55 shots - Intimidators - Mike Cunningham, Annjannette Wheeler, Devin Wheeler, Vicky Cunningham, Judy Cunningham

56 shots - The Spaurs - Nathan Spaur, Josh Spaur, Jayson Spaur, Joey Pifer

59 shots - Green Clovers - Amy Brown, Charissa Collins

60 shots - Minuteman - Steve Forinash, Mary Gregory, Shawna Forinash, Justin Burkhammer    
66 shots - Hoover Sweepers - Rick Hoover, Nellie Lowther, Charlotte Marple, Suzan Marple

64 shots - Holy Rollers - Beth Burkhart, Kim Smailes, Tami Wilt, Bethany Burkhart, Jayme Burkhart

69 shots - West Fork Bowlers - Steve Craig, Sharrey Craig, Beverly Putnam, Courtney Putnam

212 shots - Little Dandelions - Korie  Lowther, Kristie Lowther, Kaleb Lowther, Jill Singleton

no scorecard turned in - Kelly Foundry Leprechauns - Joe Daken, Lorraine Wong, J.C. Daken, Vince McCarthy, Juliet Wong

no scorecard - Banshees - Dave Loudin, Chet Lowther, Rocky Parsons, Wayne Marple

no scorecard - Hall Group - Randy Hall, Aaron Hall, Buck Stewart, Christian McClain