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This How-To is the -HappyGhan interpretation of a method that was forward as being called "Russian Joining".  Photos represent what we believe is meant by the instructions given for this method of joining two pieces of yarn in mid work.
1.  Taking the end of the yarn, thread a needle and weave in the end of the yarn back into itself. 
2. Pull the yarn through itself  leaving a loop at the end.  Do not pull the yarn completely through....leave a loop!
3. Take the second piece of yarn and thread the needle.  Pull the second yarn through the loop that was made in the end of your first piece of yarn. 
4.  Repeat step 1 and 2 with your second piece of yarn.
5.  After removing the needle, you will have two pieces of yarn joined by their loop ends.  Note that there are two pieces hanging down.  These are the ends that were woven back through.
6.  Carefuly trim the excess yarn from the two previously joined pieces.
7.  The end result is one continuous pieces of yarn.  Note that this does not appear to be any thicker than the original yarn!!



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