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Sarah's Lacy Scrunchie
Materials:  size 10 thread
                 size 7 hook
                 adult elastic hair band

Notes: a beginning ch 3 is a beginning dc. 
A picot is: ch 3, sl st to top of  cluster. 
Cluster - 2 dc cluster - work first dc until 2 loops are left on hook, work second dc and work all three loops off at the end. 
Sc tightly around band.  Sl st to first sc. 

Round 1:  ch 5, *(skip sc, dc in next sc, ch 2) repeat from * around, sl st to third stitch of ch 5. (If a fuller scrunchie is desired, you can just not skip a sc and instead use every stitch - picture is of fuller scrunchie).  Adjust the last stitch to make an even number of loops. 

Round 2: ch 13, *(skip dc, dc in next dc, ch 10) repeat from * around, join in 3rd stitch of ch 13. 

Round 3: sl st into first loop, *(11 sc in loop), repeat around, sl st into first sc. 

Round 4: sl st in first 5 sc, ( ch 2,  dc, ch 2, cl) in next sc, *(ch 7, (cl, ch 2, cl) in next middle sc, repeat from * ch 7,  joining in top first cluster. 

Round 5: sl st to ch 2 loop, (ch 2, dc ch 3, cl) in loop,* ch 3, sc in next loop, ch 3, (cl, ch 3, c.) repeat from * around.  Sl st to top of first cluster. 

Round 6: sl st to first ch 3 loop, *(cl, picot,  cl, picot, cl, picot, ) in ch 3 space, sc in next sc, repeat from * around.  Join in first cl.

HINT!  We recommend the use of two elastic bands. In case one breaks you still have your scrunchie!


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