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Copyright by Gloria Schamis November 24, 2003
(Please note that you are welcome to use this pattern for your own use. However, if you wish to share, please share the link rather than copying the pattern. Thank you!)

Note:  You can make the bag as large or as small as you’d like just by making the 3 squares any size.

· Make 3 Granny Squares.
· Stitch them together into a strip.
· Sc a 2- row border around them.
· Fold the bottom square up over the center square to form a pocket.
· Starting at the bottom corner on one side of that pocket, sc through the double thickness of the pocket thereby putting it together.
· When you get to the top of the pocket on that same side, continue by chaining 160 chains (or whatever amount for desired length of ‘strap’.
· Then continue from the top of the other side of that pocket down the other side of  the double thickness in order to close up that side also.  Chain 1 and turn.
· Sc up from the bottom along that one side of the pocket.  Continue to sc along the 160-chain strap.  Sc down the other side of the pocket.  Chain 1 and turn.
· Sc again up the side of the pocket, again into the 160-chain strap, and again down the other side of the pocket.  Fasten off.  Weave in ends.
· Sew toggle button on pocket behind any row that has a center Granny-hole.  (Some rows have even number of ‘holes’ and some have uneven number of holes.)  (It should be buttoned into the center hole of a row with an uneven amount of holes from the corners.)  I sewed it on in the SAME color as the row it will be buttoned into so it blends in well with that row.
· Sew up an open-top pocket of any lining fabric.  Iron back a hem.
· Place pocket-lining into pocket of bag and sew into bag pocket around entire top of lining. . . sewing into your joining seam at the top of the square at back of pocket. . . reinforce at side with a few extra stitches. . . sew into first row of the 2-sc edging in front of pocket. . . reinforce again at other side with a few extra stitches.  AND IT’S FINISHED!

Note:  Either you can attach the lining before you fold up the bag.  Just cut a piece of anything (old jeans, old t-shirt, etc.) make a hem around and stitch right-side facing to the bag.  Then fold up and it’s already lined.  Since I decided to line it after the fact, I made a pocket ½” smaller than the pocket I was putting it in, made a hem at the top of that ‘lining’ pocket and with wrong side out, stitched around the top only to the top of the bag pocket. . . . and tadaaaa. . . it’s lined.


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