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Guerre's Game Picks

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Last updated July 23, 2001

Here you will be able to find some interesting on-line games. Be sure to e-mail me any game suggestions or reviews. On each page you will be able to find a short game summary and a long explanation on how to set out on the right foot. You can read reviews from other gamers and they will recommend cheat codes, strategies, etc. REMEMBER, EXPLORING ON YOUR OWN IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN. Please do not blame me if any of my strategies/cheats/downloads don't work or mess up your computer.

Oh, and I haven't played most of these games in 3 or 4 years, so lots of this stuff is out of date, some of it is still current, so you may still wish to try it.

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Cybertownis an on-line virtual world in which one can hold a job, have a house, and buy furniture. You can walk around in 3-D. This game allows a player to interact with other gamers.
Earth2025 is an on-line strategy game in which you run your own country. You must be sure your citizens have enough food and still have enough military to protect yourself from attackers. This game allows a player to intereact with other gamers.
Petz is a computer program in which the gamers raises his/her own virtual catz or dogz (or both). These petz can be bred to create new and interesting mixes. This game does not have interation with other gamers.
Sissy Fight is an interactive game which requires the download of Macromedia Shockwave. You are a little girl in school trying to eliminate other players' self esteem. By beating everyone else you get Brownie points.
Neopets is an online game in which you adopt up to four not earthly animals as pets. You are responsible for playing with them, completing missions, feeding them, etc. etc. You must get neo points to buy all these items. Your pets can run into other pets or find things which will help raise their experience levels.
Utopia is a game created by the same people who made Earth2025. But, it is a little different. You work with several people to gain 'fame'. It is set up in a medieval times ambience. Still waiting for someone to type up this page...Any offers?
Interesting Places Here is my network of pages filled with my favorite, funky sites, my favorite (children-young adult-adult) fiction, enjoyable hobbies, and so on and so forth...

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