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My Black Baby

(1979 XLT Bronco)

Here she is, my Black Baby, in her original condition.



TRANSFER CASE: (NP 205) New Process Gear Syracuse, New York

(T-Case Specs) RATIO: 195/Part Time, SERIAL:9-18-78

AXLE: Dana 44 solid front axle, coils, quad shocks, and 9 in. rear.


V.I.N. DESCRIPTION: U15= U100 Wagon

S= 400ci 8 Cyl 2BC Carburetor 1978-79

L= Assembly Plant(Michigan Truck)

DG5330= Production Sequence

MANUFACTURE DATE: 10-78 (Late 78' Models are considered 79's)

Since I've owned this truck, I've removed the running boards, replaced the factory rims (RIMS NOT FOR SALE), added 15X10 rims, 33x12.50R15 Tires, Rancho (RS5000) shocks, Accel plugs & wires, Die Hard (GOLD) Battery, New Radiator, New Fuel Tank (33GAL), and KC Lights.

I will update this page with new pictures soon.