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The Tips & Tricks

to  getting the most out of .::Doll Enchantress::. & Mini Maker!

Tip 1: Download Ultimate Paint

Simply go to & click 'download.' Now download USA#1 (under shareware!)

Tip 2: Save files as .gif

Saving your dollz/minis as gif files make them lots nicer to look at! Only do this with Ultimate Paint or PSP! The microsoft paint program that is on your comp saves gif colors wierd!

Tip 3: Make doll bgs transparent

After you have uploaded the doll/mini to your page go to! Type in the url of the doll/mini in the blank provided. Now 'Submit this URL.' Now the image with be in a box outlined in blue. Click the background with the tip of the finger(the finger on the cursur.) The image now has a transparent bg! Save over the old image & reupload the doll/mini to your page!