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Doll Enchantress: Users Guide

Steps 1-2:Making the doll

Step 1: Select your props

Simply drag the buttoms,shirt,shoes,head,body, & any extras you want to the Doll Making area

Step 2:Put the props together


Im sure you understand what to do by the title

Steps 3-6:Getting the doll to your page

Step 3: Copying the doll

Click the Print Screen Button.(PrtScr/SysRg) It is located beside the f12 key.

Step 4:Getting the doll into ur Paint Shop

Open ur Paint Shop (Start, Programs, Accessories, Paint.) Type ctrl V. the IE browser should now b in the paint shop.

Step 5: Edit the Doll & Save

Once the doll is in the paint shop simply click the button with the "dotted" square. Then make a square around what you want to take out. Now Click the edit drop down menu & go to "cut." Once finished editing, click file & save as 'name of doll.'

Step 6:Upload the doll

Upload your doll into your html editor or page builder. To upload you click the browse button, find the doll, click OK, then click the upload button.
Note: Uploading varries from one page builder/html editor to another, but you get the general idea.

Step 7: **Conditions of Use**

It has taken me over 3 days nonstop work to get this page up, & Im still working!! If you use my .::Doll Enchantress::. Link Me Back!