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The Top 10 WVU Football Games I Will NEVER Watch Again


1. #3 West Virginia vs. #1 Notre Dame-1989 Fiesta Bowl-Tempe, AZ

        WVU has the top team in the nation, and the most exciting player in college football in Major Harris. 3rd play of the game, for the national championship, Notre Dame defensive lineman Frank Stams hits Major while he's on the ground and separates his shoulder, effectively nullifying the WVU offense for the rest of the afternoon. ND wins 34-21 and they play that annoying fight song again. WOULD SOMEONE SHOOT THAT MASCOT? 34-21 Notre Dame.


2. #12 West Virginia vs. #23 Miami-1996-Morgantown, WV

        The only time I have ever heard 63,500 people completely silent. Undefeated WVU leads Miami 7-3 with 30 some odd seconds to go. WVU goes back to punt, Miami's Tremain Mack is offsides, blocks the punt, LATERALS to a teammate who runs in for the touchdown. Two infractions, no flags, screwed again, Miami wins. WVU's season goes down the drain. Thanks ref. 10-7 Miami.


3. #24 West Virginia vs. #14 Syracuse-1992-Morgantown, WV

        Known forever as "The Brawl". WVU leads 17-13. Marvin Graves, Syracuse QB, runs an option to the far side, and is knocked out of bounds by WVU's DB Tommy Orr. Graves spikes the ball on Orr's head and starts a brawl on the far sideline. Orr and two other WVU players are ejected, Graves stays in and Syracuse loses their THIRD STRING PUNTER. With a depleted defense after the ejections, Syracuse wins in the final moments, 20-17. Thanks ref.


4. #9 West Virginia vs. #10 Pitt-1989-Morgantown, WV

        Not the officials fault this time...we just blew it. WVU leads 31-9 in the 4th quarter. After a Pitt TD, and interception, and an on-side kick all resulting in Pitt scores, the Panthers kick a field goal with no time left to screw up the WVU unbeaten season and tie the game at 31-31. A dejected WVU loses the next week to then hapless Virginia Tech, 12-10.


5. West Virginia vs. Pitt-1997-Morgantown, WV

        After a back and forth battle, WVU lost in three overtimes. No explanation other than GARY THOMPKINS BLEW THE COVERAGE! Perhaps the best game ever played at Mountaineer Field and we LOSE IT! 41-38 Pitt (3 OT)


6. #13 West Virginia vs. Miami-1998-Morgantown, WV

        Two outrageous (and not even close) pass interference calls turned the momentum in Miami's favor. Then with seconds remaining, WVU's David Saunders makes a tightrope catch on the near sideline only to be ruled out of bounds, which pushes the potentially game-tying field goal back to 50+ yards. Jay Taylor's kick is wide left, the ref's do it again. 34-31 Miami


7. West Virginia vs. #3 Virginia Tech-1999-Morgantown, WV

        WVU nearly upsets VT's hopes of a national championship berth, but falls short after allowing Michael Vick to break loose with less than a minute to go to get the Hokies into field goal range. 22-20 Virginia Tech


8. #3 West Virginia vs. #8 Florida-1994-New Orleans, LA  

        This was just bad. WVU struck first with a TD pass from Jake Kelchner to Jay Kearney. However following a personal foul for a late hit that resulted in a Gator TD, the momentum turned. I still have that image of Darren Studstill having to blow a timeout because he was knocked so stupid on the previous play that his chinstrap was sticking straight up in front of his face. 41-7 Florida


9. #17 West Virginia vs. #14 Clemson-1989-Jacksonville, FL

        By the time this game was played, Clemson was playing better than anyone in the nation. "ANYONE but Clemson" we said before the bowl matchups were announced. Naturally, we get Clemson. WVU strikes first as Major Harris hits James Jett for a TD. Then it goes downhill. We lose, and Major's mom proclaims on national television that "my boy won't play another college game". She was right. Major left and we went 4-7 in 1990. Thanks Mama Harris! 27-7 Clemson


10. West Virginia vs. Syracuse-2000-Morgantown, WV

        We had it in the bag. 27-24 lead AND the ball. Scott McBrien throws a costly interception with less than 3 minutes to go, Syracuse drives all the way down the field and scores the winning TD with 10 seconds left. I broke my stadium seat afterwards. To top the evening's festivities off perfectly, Coach Nehlen announces his retirement after the game. Not a good day in Touchdown City. 31-27 Syracuse