John Lennon Answers 40 intimate Questions

This is an article from the book "Who's Your Fave Rave?".I copied the article completely,and have not edited anything!!!I just put it on my page to SHARE it!!!!This article appeared in the June 1964 issue of 16 Magazine

JOHN LENNON answers 40 intimate questions

What is your full real name? John Winston Lennon

Where and when were you born? I was born on October 9,1940,in Liverpool,England.

What is your height,weight and coloring? I have medium brown hair and brown eyes,and am just under six feet tall.I weigh 159 pounds.

How did you first get interested in music? My mother(who passed away when I was 13)used to sing and play the banjo for me.My dad sang too.

Who looked after you after your mother passed away? My Aunt Mimi.She's a wonderful lady and is terribly "knocked out" by the way I got to the top.

Did your father remarry? Yes, and I have two stepsisters,Julia and Jaqueline,whom I'm quite fond of.

Why do you prefer not to talk about your marriage? For only one reason:that sort of thing is terribly personal.It's really private business.

But what if your fans want to know? For the record,here are the facts:I met Cynthia in Art School and I flipped for her.Soon,we were married.We now have one eight-months-old son,Julian.

Where do you live? For the time being,we stay with Aunt Mimi or Cynthia's mum when we're not traveling.I try to take Cynthia everywhere I go.

Is it true that she has never seen The Beatles work on stage? More or less.She is the quiet type and won't come around when there are screaming crowds-and such has been the case for the past year.

What do you dislike about your work? Having to get up at 5 A.M. to make a booking in some faraway city.It's murder.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear? Neat lines in dark shades.I love suede,leather and cord.

What kind of clothes do you dislike? Baggy things or anything in a bright color.

Is it true that you and Paul She Loves You the day before it was recorded? It was a few hours more than 24.

What is your hobby? Painting.I was a serious art student in college.

How was high school? Dreadful.I was so bad in math and science that I almost failed.

What subjects did you like most? Writing,athletics and art.

Who does the falsetto effects and harmonica on The Beatles' records? Me,John Lennon.

What kind of music do you like? Real rhythm and blues and gospel.

Who are your favorite singers? The Shirelles,Little Richard,Ben E. King and Chuck Berry--to name a few.

Who are your favorites for acting? Brando and Brigitte Bardot.

What are your favorite foods? Curry,jelly and tea.

Do you have a pet fear? Yes,growing old.I hate the thought of that.Who'd want to hear a croaking Beatle of 80?

Who in the group said you Beatles were "crummy" musicians? We don't profess to be brilliant musicians.I'd be the first to say that our success is all out of proportion to our musical talent.

What do you dislike about yourself? The fact that I'm so short-sighted.Off stage,I have to wear very thick glasses.On stage,I can't see the crowd,but I know they are there by their screams.The boys have a lot of fun telling me the wrong door to go through,and I often end up in a cupboard.

Do you think the group will ever split up? We all know that one Beatles is no good.I tried singing on my own once,and I have never felt so soft(out of it)in my life.

What is your ambition? The first one to write a musical with a lot of humor in it.

What is the other one? To make a lot of money;to be a real millionaire.

Do you have a secret longing? Yes,to buy a house that is on its own grounds,surrounded by high shrubbery and very private.

What kind of people do you dislike? Stupid people.I can't stand to be around slow-witted dumbheads.

What is your pet hate? Driving cars.

What do you plan to invest your money in? I'd like to invest in a string of high-class clothes shops.

Why did The Beatles cancel all one-nighters throughout England? Because of the riots.Now,when we play any town,we visit three nights.This way everyone who wants to see us gets a chance.

Who deserves most credit for helping The Beatles to get where they are today? Brian Epstein,without a doubt.We used to hang around his record shop,playing discs but not buying them.Little did any of us dream we were destined to work together one day.

What was the very first name of the group? The Quarrymen.We had many names later,until The Silver Beatles finally was nipped to just The Beatles.

How did you decide on your "puddin'-basin" haircuts? Well,our hair was just growing most of the time.One of us got dunked in a pool once and their hair dried in that "position."All the rest dug it-so that was that.

Are you going to publish a book of poetry? I'm thinking of it,but it may be too Liverpudlian for Americans.

What was your first professional booking? In Hamburg,Germany,in August of 1960.We filled in for a group called Cass and the Casanovas,who couldn't make it.

When did you first play Liverpool professionally? At the end of '60,when we got back from Germany.Because the public didn't know who we were,we were billed as being "Direct From Hamburg!"

What are the best addresses to write to the Beatles? Our office is at Sutherland House,5th floor,5-6 Argyll Street,London W.1.,England for fan club information write to Beatles U.S.A.,Box 305,Radio City Station,New York City 10019.