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Welcome to "The ChiChi Shrine"!

The few, the proud, the ChiChi fans. Why are there so few Chichi fans out there? What is it about the character that people don't like?

So many questions, so little web-space. ^.^

Hello, I'm you main host for this page, Jagen. I hope you have an enjoyable stay and return in the near future. So, for now, buckle up and hold on tight, because you're about to start a down hill ride into the world of ChiChi.

Where to?

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The final chapter of "Marron's Sacrifice" has been added, so, get ready for the tears to fall. New additions to "You might be a redneck if...".



Another new fan fic and some more info, but this update was not done because of that( I try to wait until I have at least 2 things to add before updating). This update is the result of a letter from the Association of Fans Tired of Waiting After Updates...Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Is this a real group of people out there? If I don't update just to get letters that have that in their content does that make me a bad person?

Whew, I needed that association to brighten my day.

Hey, how about you guys out there send me some links, huh? That page has been dead for a while.

Val, I know I said I wold link you, but I lost the link >.< Mind sending it to me again?

NA VA Vote <-- Go there to vote for your fave NA voice actor, actress, and dubber New Year's Day.



1 new fan-fic.

I'll try to get some more scans up soon.

Alison "Red-Headed" Bailey


3 new fan-fics...that's all i've got for now...sorry about the "lack of updates", once i get more stuff to put up, i'll put it up.

Alison "Toto must die, 'cause Nagi-Kun is MINE!" Bailey


*hack cough gag sniffle* Hello... *cough* ^.^ I'b got a cold. Bud, I got an ubdate fur you guys. Dere are 2 new fan-figs from Valerie. (The second one is sorta funny.)

An now, I'm gonna sent oud all my thank yous. First is Ne-Chan for her fan-fig "Da Weiss Flu", located at Shi-Ne!. (Very funny, I suggest you read it even if you've never heard of Weiss Kruez.)

Second goes oud to Lissa Explains the best dog-gone HTML site out there.

Lastly, to the wonderful staff at Philip Barbour High School for putting up with me at my worst. ^.^

Alison "Jagen" Bailey & Mr. Duck *squeky squeky*


New links added! There's about 10 I think, I forgot to count >.<

Tonight is the first home soccer game, and I have to go cheer my fellow Colts on. Go PB!

Next week is school and the county fair (one of the biggest in WV), so don't hold your breath on an up-date.

- Alison "I"m just a penguin in a technicolor world." Bailey


It's been over a month since the last update!! I can'e believe I let it go that long. >.< I'll really try not to do that again.

On the brighter side, there have been 4 new fan-fics posted by multiple authors. Be sure to tell them what you think.

Also, I plan to add a some new links on my next update. So, if you have a site you would like to see linked, drop me a line.



Never they to update while half asleep. It doesn't work very well. *uggg* Minor sdjuctment to the last update. The fic was NOT by Star, but by SSJ Chi-Chi. Sorry for the mis-hap. ^.^

~ Alison


Just a few adjustments here and there, and a new fanfic from Star Otaku for today.

~Alison "Jagen" Bailey


Well, yesterday's update sorta flopped due to a mistake in an html code. ~.~ Stupid me. But everything should be working now. Until next Monday, Ja Ne!!

~Alison "Beach-bound" Bailey


Well, vacation time had finally hit around my house and I'm ready to get out of here and onto the sandy beaches of North Carolina!

But, before I go, I'm leabing you all with a fan-fic frenzy. ^.~ Valerie sent me another fan fic of hers that is REALLY sweet. (I command you all read it!!)Also, the links section has 2 new links, and both are to fan fic sites. That's a lot of reading material...

One last thing, I caught a few bishonen this week that are being displayed in the adoption section.

Hope you all behave while I'm gone.

~Alison "Jagen" Bailey


Got a new fan-ficcy in the designated section. It’s a bit naughty, but not too naughty. There’s worse out there. Thanks Valerie!

Also did a little bit of re-designing thanks to the handy dandy Paint Shop Pro 6.

And in other news, Rurouni Kenshin is preparing for its debut on VHS and DVD in July (yay!!!) and Kenshin Net (see link above) has 2 previews for you to watch and, in my case, cry over. Once more, the “Dubbers of America” have screwed with an anime classic. For the love of Himaru, give the cast some “so, so” voices. Kaoru sounds like an old woman, and Kenshin…what ever happened to out high-pitched-girly “Oro?”. *sigh* At least they’re releasing the subb-titled versions at the same time, which is more than we can say for FUNimation.

~ Alison “Jagen” Bailey



After scanning all morning, I got 8 new images for the images gallery, and opened a new section for the funnier ones (3 of them) in the humor section.
Also, got the e-mail out to the co-owners which bounced ~.~, so look for some new faces to start coming out of the wood work.
The links section is starting to look a little run down, so, if you own a site e-mail me a link and I'll check it out. It doesn't even have to be DragonBall as long at it's good!




!!THIS IS NOT A REAL UPDATE!! Whew, now that that's out of the way. I'd like to thank every one who e-mail me and offered their timew to work with the ChiChi Shrine (all 3 of you ~.~). Be on the look out for more updates and such in the future.

Now for me, Jagen, to state my opinions on the new Trunks tape released a couple of days ago...First, all the voices are annoying, ok maybe not the narrator, and Trunks' was just like the rest, a little better but just as bad. If we still had the VAs from Ocean I bet Trunks' VA would have been Brad Swaile (man, he's cute). It may have sounded a little young for Trunks, but beggers can't be chosers.

The voice is pretty much my only problem. I've learned to live with the music and corny dialogue. (Trunks saying he won't bite ^.^)

This page was made for none other than my best friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, who is a big ChiChi fan, that would be Ashley (a.k.a.=Prinzezz55)

I made this page for other reasons, also. Most of those reasons were listed on the main page.


Now for the disclaimer. Ahem. This site was made for the purpose of promoting the knowledge of DBZ in America and elsewhere. I, myself, do not own any of the DBZ characters or it's content, although, I wish I did. FUNimation owns DBZ in North America, in Japan TOEI owns it. Yada yada... It was first created by Akira Toriyama and was published in JUMP...yada was them animated me Toei and Bird on and so forth...To summ it up, ME NO OWN, YOU NO SUE, ME NO MONEY! K? Thank you for reading the disclaimer.
Whoah! You made it all the way down here?? Good job. ~.^