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School Attendances, 1851

The Lyttelton Collegiate Grammar School opened on 6 January 1851 under Rev. Henry JACOBS and William HOLMES.

The Lyttelton Church Commercial School also opened that month under Edward TOOMATH, later assisted by Mr and Mrs Gilbert MAYO.

The Lyttelton Infant School began in March 1851 with teachers noted as Mrs COLLIS, Miss Rosetta GODFREY, Mrs Jane JAGGERS and Mrs RANSON.

In March 1851, the Gebbies Station School also opened under William BLATCHFORD.

Robert WADSWORTH started the Akaroa School in June 1851 and in the same month, Henry FLETCHER began teaching at the Kaiapoi Native School while John BILTON and Mrs Elizabeth HORRELL opened the Church Commercial School at Christchurch.

Kaiapoi Native School Attendees 1851

Canterbury School Attendees 1851 A - I
Canterbury School Attendees 1851 J - R
Canterbury School Attendees 1851 S - Z

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