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Commemorative Envelopes

A few Commemorative Envelope, especially printed for the 150th Anniversary are still available.

This is a strict run of 1000 envelopes.
DL sized and of a high quality.

Priced at:
~ $2.00 each blank;
~ $2.50 each if stamped (Date stamped the 16th December 2000)

Please add $1.00 postage (within New Zealand) for delivery.

Send orders (enclosing cheque for payment made out to Canterbury Pilgrims & Early Settlers Assoc. Inc) to our Post Office box.

We have had comments that the envelopes have been postmarked wrong by the Philatelic Sales Centre.
This is infact not the case.
It shows on the envelopes thus:
This breaks down to:
16 (day) DE (month) 00 (year) 1 (is the first 'run' of the day)

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