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The Canterbury Pilgrims & Early Settlers Association (Incorporated)

P O Box 211, Rangiora, North Canterbury, New Zealand

Secretary's email


The first meeting of the Canterbury Pilgrims Association (as it was first called) was held on October 8, 1923 and so it was thought appropriate to coincide the 'unveiling' of our new website exactly 77 years later on the same date.

The Associations first members consisted of a few of the remaining settlers who arrived in the 'First Four Ships' (arriving in Lyttelton, December 1850) and descendants of early settlers to the Canterbury region in New Zealand ('Canterbury Association Ships' up until October 31, 1876).

Current members consist of descendants of those early pioneers and others who have an interest in that period of Canterbury's formation.


The main aim of the Association is of a social nature, but also to promote and preserve the history of that early settlement and of those early pioneers who laid the foundations for this city.

Over the years, thousands of artefacts, diaries, costumes etc from that period and reflecting Canterbury's early history, have been collected by the Association and are now held by the Canterbury Museum, Christchurch.

The members receive a quarterly Newsletter, enjoy visits to places of historical interest and social meetings where speakers give an address on aspects of early settler personalities or events.

Members also share the stories of their ancestors which adds a more personal slant to that period of our history.

Next year we will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the formation of the Association. If you are interested in preserving and promoting an important time in our history please fill in the membership application form and forward it to the Secretary. We welcome new members.

2002 The Canterbury Pilgrims & Early Settlers Association Incorporated
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