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A picture doodled on the back of a final exam by one of my students (Lakehead University, 2005).

Kelly and me on my last day of work at PERD (August 2004).

Me at my desk in Bldg T-13 (summer of 2003).

My portrait, "maDe by Fiona" in about 1996. She was 5 or 6 years old at the time, I think. I still look much the same, except that I now wear glasses most of the time. :-|

Another portrait, this one by a young artist from North Western Ontario (i.e., the daughter of one of my students, who came along to the first class). I sat for it--well, stood, really--in September, 2005.

Me near Llanberis, North Wales (in 1997, I think).

Another one near Llanberis.

Somewhere between Bangor and Aber Falls, North Wales (1997). Get a load of all that slate!

Frozen waterfall on the Bruce Trail in Hamilton, Ontario. (Taken in 1996, I think.)

Cat Woman, Batman, and Spiderman, ready to combat the forces of evil and mayhem.

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