The Making of "The Madcap Laughs"

Syd Barrett Recording Sessions

Below is a documentation of all Syd Barrett solo recording
sessions for 'The Madcap Laughs'.  It includes the 1968 sessions
supervised by Peter Jenner, none of which were issued with the
exception of a small part of 'Late Night' (see the album
breakdown on page 17, where details of take numbers are alsolisted).

6/5/68   	Silas Lang : not issued (Later re-titled 'Swan Lee') 
         	Late Night ; not issued.  Version 1.  Probably erased when re-recorded 21/5/68

14/5/68    Rhamadan : not issued                       
         	Lanky Part 1. not issued           
         	Lanky Part 2. not issued  
	Golden Hair version 1. not issued
21/5/68  	Late Night version 2. Partly used for L.P. 
    	Silas Lang (contd)(note 1) not issued
28/5/68  	Golden Hair version 1. Contd. not issued 
         	Swan Lee contd. not issued            
	Rhamadan contd. not issued
8/6/68   	Swan Lee contd. not issued  
20/6/68  	Swan Lee contd. not issued 
         	Late Night version 2 contd. (see 21/5/68 note) 
         	Golden Hair version 1 contd. not issued  
20/7/68  	Clowns And Jugglers (later re-titled 'Octopus') version 1 (this session produced by Syd alone) not issuedd

10/4/69  	Swan Lee contd. not issued 
         	Clowns And Jugglers version 1 contd. not issued  
11/4/69  	Opel : not issued          							
         	Love You version 1 (fast) not issued 
         	Love You version 2 (slow) not issued 
         	Love You (take 4) issued version (see note 2)            
         	It's No Good Trying. 
         	Late Night version 2 contd
          	Golden Hair version 1 contd. not issued  
	No Man's Land
	Here I Go  (with Jerry Shirley, drums, and John 'Willie' Wilson, bass.)


Note 1. When an existing recording from a previous session is 
continued, for example to overdub vocals, or guitars, etc., I 
have put 'continued'.  This means that the recording in question 
is not another version.  
Note 2. Naturally, any recording  without the note 'not issued' 
is the one which appears on 'Madcap Laughs'.  
23/4/69  	Rhamadan contd. not issued            
	Motorbike effects. not issued
25/4/69 		The following titles were transferred from the original 4
		track masters to 8 track tape for overdubs at a later date.  No 
		new recording was done other than on 'Love You', but it is 
		included as a session as it is an indication as to the songs that
		Syd was planning to continue with, and Syd supervised the copyinghimself. 
		It's No Good Trying; Terrapin; Opel; Clowns and Jugglers, Love 
		You, Golden Hair; Late Night; Swan Lee;
		Love You was overdubbed, but as I was not present at this session 
 		I cannot specify what.They were certainly minor additions.
  		Items 1, 2, 5, 7, were issued - items 3, 4, 6, 8 were not,
 		although items 4, 6 were re-recorded later and issued. 
 3/5/69   	Love You contd. 
         	It's No Good Trying, contd 
         	Clowns And Jugglers contd not issued 
Note: on this session, the Soft Machine
 (Mike Ratledge, keyboards; Robert Wyatt, drums; Hugh Hopper, bass) 
overdubbed backings.  
4/5/69   	It's No Good Trying, contd.           
         	Terrapin contd.  
	No Mans Land contd



12/6/69  	Octopus version 2. not issued (for clarification, see note 1)
              	Golden Hair version 2.  (note 2)                
              	Octopus version 3  (Note 3) 
         	Dark Globe version 1 (issued)          
         	Long Gone version 1 not issued  
	Dark Globe version 2 not issued 
 Note: the recording sheet lists Syd and Dave Gilmour as 
producers, with no reference to Roger Waters.  
Note 1. 'OCTOPUS' (also known as 'Clowns and Jugglers' in its 
early versions).  Syd made this song on two separate occasions.  
Syd produced the original backing track to the first version 
(20/7/68) which I overdubbed with the Soft Machine (3/5/69).  
This version was never issued and the version made on this 
session (12/6/69), produced by Dave Gilmour, is the issued one.  
In fact, Octopus was attempted twice on this session.  The first,
producing two complete takes, was abandoned, and after 'Golden 
Hair' was successfully completed, Syd had another go at 
'Octopus', this time making the successful version that was 
issued on the album.  In all, then, there were four completed 
versions of the song!  Syd started one which I completed (vocals,
and later, the Soft Machine), and Dave Gilmour made two versions 
(three takes), making four in all.  
Note 2: for clarity, this is the issued version  
Note 3; for clarity, this is the issued version  
13/6/69  	Octopus version 3 contd.  
26/7/69  	She Took A Long Cold Look, version 1, not issued 
        	Long Gone, version 2 
         	Wouldn't You Miss Me (incorrect announcement for Dark Globe re-make, version 3) not issued
              	She Took A Long Cold Look, version 2      
         	If It's In You 

The mixing of the album was accomplished in two days, in a total 
of three sessions by Dave Gilmour and Roger Waters.  
Long Gone, She Took A Long Cold Look, Feel, If It's In You and 
Octopus were all mixed in a morning session on August 5th by Daveand Roger.  
Golden Hair, Dark Globe and Terrapin were mixed in a similar 
three hour session in the afternoon of the same day.  
The remaining tracks, all my productions, were mixed by Dave 
alone on September 16th.  The splicing together of the album, 
including the sequencing of the running order, was done by Dave 
and Syd on October 6th.

What follows is a rundown, track by track, of the album as it 
finally appeared, listing the recording dates of the tracks that 
were finally used.  Alternative recorded versions, takes, etc., 
appear elsewhere in the booklet.  * Produced by the author 
** ditto, with assistance from Peter Jenner. Ta! 
   April 11th '69 	take 1.  Guitar and voice (both double tracked)
   May 4th '69.   	Lead guitar overdubbed.  
   April 11th '69 	take 3. Guitar and voice 
   May 3rd., '69  	Organ, bass, drums overdubbed (Soft Machine) 
   May 4th., '69  	Syd's backwards guitar part overdubbed.  
* 3. LOVE YOU 
   April 11th '69 	take 4.  Guitar and voice 
   May 3rd '69    	Piano, bass, drums, overdubbed (Soft Machine)  

* 4. NO MANS LAND   
   April 17th '69  	take 5. Syd, plus Jerry Shirley, drums, John
         			'Willie' Wilson, bass.  (Bass, vocals re-made later on same session)
   May 4th '69     	Syd overdubbed lead guitar.  
*5. DARK GLOBE    
   June 12th '69  	take 2 Guitar and voice.  
* 6. HERE I GO 
   April 17th '69  	take 5  Syd, voice / guitar plus Jerry Shirley, drums, John 'Willie' Wilson ,bass.  Recorded 'live'.
 SIDE TWO:    
   June 12th '69 	take 11. Guitar and voice 
   June 13th '69 	elec. gtr., bass, drums overdubbed (Shirley,Gilmour, Syd,) 
*2. GOLDEN HAIR                    
   June 12th '69	take 11.  Guitar, voice.  Vocal, vibes, organ, cymbals overdubbed after
                            		(Rick Wright? plus unknown cymbals, maybe Shirley ?)
*3. LONG GONE                              
   July 26th '69 	take 1  Guitar and voice.  Organ overdubbed  later with second vocal.
   July 26th '69 	take 5  Guitar and voice.  
*5. FEEL    
   July 26th '69 	take 1  Guitar and voice    
   July 26th '69 	take 5  Guitar and voice  
   May 21st '68    	take 2 Backing track; (unknown musicians) 
   April 11th '69  	Vocals and guitar overdubbed.