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SINCE 1982
The AG Archive was founded in 1982 with the initiative of four people, its main aim being to create a very useful source of information for individuals and groups interested in alternative ideas.
The Archive is self financed. As it can not afford to pay for subscriptions of any kind, it grows only through donations and complimentary subscriptions given by individuals or groups that issue alternative books, journals or zines throughout the world. At this point (January 2003) the Archive contains about 4.000 titles of periodicals and books and we plan to open it to the public as a Documentation Centre within the coming years.
What we offer for the time being: As the full financial support is needed for the continued existence of the Alternative Press, we provide every individual interested with addresses and subscription and other information, for all the non-decunct journals and publishing houses linked with our Archive.
The Archive includes categories of interest as:
A1 Native Peoples, Bioregionalism, Alternatives, Social Ecology
A2 Animal Rights, Ecology, Deep Ecology
A3 Green Politics, Antinukes
B1 Counter Culture, Youth Movements 
B2 Rock Music & Movements, Fanzines
B3 Paganism, Shamanism, Inner Self 
C1 Women's Issues, Feminism 
C2 Homosexuality
C3 W. Reich, Sex Pol, Erotica 
D1 Anarchism
D2 Anarchosyndicalism
D3 Antiauthoritarians, Neoanarchists, Situationistes
E1 Non Sectarian Left 
E2 Marxist Left
F1 Arts & Human Expression, Comics, Mail Art
F2 Experimental & Underground Litterature
F3 Experimental & Underground Poetry
G1 Philosophy, Rationalism, History, Traditionalism
G2 Social Critique Movements, Technosubversives, Antimilitarism, Counterpsychiatry, Conspiracy Theories
So, dear friends alternative publishers across the globe, putting our Archive in  your mailing list as complimentary subscriber, would be highly appreciated. Back issues, if available, are also welcome.
Those of you who would like to support our Archive can send their publications to:
The A.G. Archive, 
P.O. Box 20037,
GR-11810 Athens, Hellas (Greece)
To receive a list of our publications on file, you may send us an e-mail.