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After Ch. Storm Babe of Lazy Hill's litter of 10 sired by Ch. Peersleigh
Storm Sherman, whelped when they were both 4 years old, we
attempted to breed Baby to several other fine Mastiff stud dogs.
However, she conceived to none of them. In total frustration
we finally bred Baby back to Sherman again when they were 6-1/2
years old. To the amazement of all, Baby conceived to Sherman and
gifted us with a litter of three babies, two males and a bitch.
There was never any doubt that if there was a female in the
litter, she would be our TREASURE.


Treasure was one of the sweetest animals ever born, gentle
of temperament, kind and very loving to all.

Treasure's head was not her fortune, but it was a pleasing
head. However, she was the body beautiful, deep, wide, strong, well
angulated front and rear.

This picture shows Treasure's magnificent front.

"Uh... excuse me... this white stuff is cold and wet ...
do you really expect me to squat down to potty? Don't you understand
that would be dog abuse?

I do not like this and it is NOT funny.

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