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Storm's Limited Edition,(a.k.a. "PORKCHOP", "PORKER", "PORKERUNIE"
& "RUNIE"), was sired by Ch. Damaria The Druid - UK Import
(Huegenes Golden Apollo ex Damaria Princess Rhyanon) out of
Storm Treasure of Lazy Hill (Ch. Peersleigh Storm Sherman ex
Ch. Storm Babe of Lazy Hill). Like his grandpa, Shermie,
Porker earned many nicknames due to his antics, he was a total
comedienne and clown. Porker was the only puppy in his litter,
however, we have always thought he was supposed to be a litter
of 10. He's a BIG boy! We've owned some very large mastiffs
over the years, many will remember Trooper, but Porker is the
largest we've ever bred, standing at a true 35". We prefer a more
balanced, shorter mastiff, but Porker produced some of our finest
puppies since Sherman, tending to draw from Sherman in his offspring.

Another picture of Porker when he was about 15 months old.

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