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These two awards are to reward dog sites that deserve recognition. There are many awards available that recognize great web pages, but none represent the King of Dogdom and we wanted to change that! Having spent hours building our own site, we fully appreciate the time and effort that go into presenting a good home page.

All dog sites will be judged on several things such as (but not limited to) loading time, overall appearance, content, ease of navigation and originality. Only child-appropriate sites are eligible. Sites that are conspicuously commercial will not be considered, we prefer not to see dollar amounts on any sites and this especially includes dollar amounts you are asking for puppies you are trying to sell.

The Royal Site Award will be granted to pages that we find educational, informative, entertaining, pretty, creative and fun to visit. These pages will most likely have neat animated graphics and lots of important links. These will be sites we want to go back and visit again just to see what is being added.

The Good Breeder Site Award will be granted to pages that demonstrate and promote responsible breeding. Sites that educate the viewer about puppy mills and dog auctions, contracts, breeding and whelping issues, promotion of responsible pet ownership, responsible dog training, testing, genetics information and articles, and anything else that indicates responsibility towards animals. These will be the sites we want to visit again to see how this responsible breeder does things so we may be able to improve our own page content and make it as good.

In some instances both awards may be granted. It is up to you which awards you apply for or if you wish to apply for both awards. If you think your site meets the criteria we have listed, submit your page for consideration. Send us an email (address at the bottom of the page) and in the subject line put "AWARD" and include the following in the body of your email:

Your Name
Your Email Address
The Title of your Site
One Line Description of your Site
The URL (address) of your Site
Describe the kind of Site you have
What Award are you applying for?
Why do you think your site deserves the award?

If you win one of these awards we will expect you to link the graphic back to this page. See? Wasn't was easy! Now hit the send button!!! We'll get back to you as soon as possible and give you our decision.

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