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Welcome to my homepage. I designed this web site simply because I enjoy doing it. If I had the time I would spend hours designing web sites. That is why this page constantly changes. It is so much easier to come in here and change the wallpaper, than it is to do it in RT....*S*

My hobbies include amateur photography, reading (non-fiction), hiking, horseback riding, and computers!

I recently purchased my first digital camera, which was a Konica Minolta Z10 with 3.2 mp. I loved it, but traded that in for a Konica Minolta Z20 5.0 mp. I didn't like it as much as the first one so I traded that one in for a Canon A620, 7.1 mp, which I love! In November I joined a royalty free photography site and started selling my photo's. People say I'm nuts for selling them so cheap, but I generally only use them for desktop wallpaper then delete them, so why not sell them cheap, and allow someone else to enjoy them also!

You can view some of my photos here:

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I am a fan of new age music, some of my favs. are, Enya, Giavanni, Yanni, Oystein Sevag, and Ray Lynch. On the country side I am a big fan of Hal Ketchum, and my favorite on the rock side of music, is Metallica...My newest favorite voice is Brandi Carlile!

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Edited April 5, 2004