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A Look Into Brady Campbell's Biking

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A brief description of Brady Campbell

    Brady Campbell is a Student at John Adams Junior High School in Charleston West Virginia. He has been biking for the past four years in the NORBA and WVMBA bike associations. He is currently riding for Charleston Bicycle Center. He is the new West Virginia Cyclo Cross champion, winning on February 27. He has a 3.8 GPA and is in the 9th grade. Making a site was a requirement for a report at school and that is how Brady learned how to make sites. This is his first real site with any meaning and he hopes that at sometime this will benefit his biking career.

    Starting in March, 2000 all of Brady's Races will be put on this web site and also a few pictures from earlier races. There will be a link to the website where the pictures were taken and a brief description of the race. The race description will tell how the others finished and why Brady got the place he did.

    The last Race will always be on the front page then all of the previous races will be on seperate pages.

The Cyclo Cross Championship

The Pipestem Race

The second point series race Valley Falls

The third point series race Canaan

My picture This is where most of the Great pictures come from

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